I really like this girl who isn't over her ex what should I do?

like this girl and yes I am a girl.and she's not over her ex, I Haven't bothered her about it and I always help her anyway I can, I want her to be happy but I don't think Ill ever have a chance with her, I know I should wait, But I really like her and I don't know what to do or say.


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  • Well then, now that I know what I need to know, I say that your choices are to wait it out, or option two. Option two, is to simply come up to her and plant one on her, and tell her how you feel, following a statement about wanting to make her happy, maybe then following up by telling her that you don't want to pressure her, so if she's not ready, you can live with it, and continue to be friends. The hard part of option two is that you're taking a risk. Furthermore, the hardest part is the potential waiting you'd have to do if she's not ready. You'd have to make good on the no pressure thing, and actually be friends. Some people can't handle that. I prefer to do that though, because it at least puts the offer out there, and the kiss usually at least gets them thinking. What do you think?


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  • It depends.

    Is she into girls has well?

    If not, then you have no chance.

    You cannot change someones sexuality.

    If she is into girls in this situation you still may not have a chance

    because her heart is with someone else.

    She needs time to get over the hurt and the pain.

    Maybe in due time you two will come together when she is a bit stronger.

    But right now she is at a very fragile time and needs to sort out her feelings (and get over him).

  • I'm a guy and I'm in a similar situation. The girl I really like isn't completely over her ex. I don't really know exactly what to do but I have been talking to my friends and they said the decision is pretty much in her hands. Just continue being who you are. That's what I have been told so I'll pass it on to you. Hope everything works out for you.

    • Thanks, you too.

    • Anonymous raises some good questions though. I mean if she's not into girls herself, the question is moot. If she is, it's a question of if her friend knows the question asker is into girls.

    • She is into girls, her ex was a girl she dated for like a year and something.

  • buy her a big sucker, wrap it well and place a hand written note. thinking of you.

  • Have you ever seen a gay animal? Me neither. Animals don't think...they just react to their natural instincts. This means you thinking you're gay is all in your head. You weren't born gay. You didn't suddenly become gay. You became sick...it like cancer... Its a sickness...just like any other mental illness. It's a chemical and horomonal imbalance in the brain. They are using anti-deppressants and horomonal drugs on people with the gay illness..in other countries...and are having great success.

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  • first questions I need answered are as follows.

    Does she know you're into girls?

    Do you know for sure if she is into girls?

    • I too would like to know this.

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    • Does she know that you're gay, bi, or bicurious, or do you just think she knows you have a crush on her? Big difference.

    • She knows I'm gay, and I'm pretty sure she might know I like her.

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