Attention to detail - cute or creepy?

When they notice little things about you, or things you've said that you barely even remember yourself... etc. Cute, if they like you? Creepy, otherwise? Always cute or always creepy? Thoughts?
The guy I like sitting in class near my friend and I as we were having a private conversation listened into little things that I mentioned... e.g. how I bruised my knuckles in kick boxing. And then later on, asked me how I bruised my knuckles just to finish the sentence for me... it was kind of cute, and kind of not. Lol.
Are girls more into this type of 'observance' rather than guys, or is that just a stereotype?


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  • So long as you don't get all Sherlock on them, or hold them to every word they say, it can be kinda cool. Point is, I say be a little forgiving about it.

    • I think guys are less likely to pay attention to the little things. I think they're more obsessed with their own little worlds. Not all of them, but alot. I am usually the guy who remembers random tiny details that most don't.

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  • Speaking from experience, I'd say girls find it creepy. I guess it's possible they might find it cute if they already liked you though.


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