The girl you didn't often do you think about her?

There have been a couple of guys. Things just were not going to work out between us and I didn't put out.

They have a grudge against me. See I don't know how they can even do this if they were only infatuated and not in love.

How long do you hold this grudge and why?

IS there anything I can say to make them feel better?


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  • It all depends on the manner.

    If you get turned down properly, you usually hold no grudge, and some regrets flash from time to time when you mind is wandering.

    If you get turned down in a dirty way, disrespectfully, or if you think you have been led on, then the regrets conflict with your ego, and that's how you get to detest someone.

    • It's that they felt that they were led on. I WAS attracted to them.

      Not intentionally dirty or disrespectful. I think it's more misunderstanding.

      What can I say, anything?

      You know I want to have good karma. How can I make it better?

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    • "I'd suggest you let it be, (+otherwise) at ..."

    • Okay.

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  • I fall in love way too fast and if a relationship that seemed perfect doesn't work out I think about it daily until I remove them from my life. But I never hold a grudge. I just keep hope that one day it could really work out.

  • LOL! Of course. The longest one I have is been 9 years, we had a 2 years relationship tho.

    It's funny, I see her pics and she is definitely ugly now, fatter, and older than she was, I had 100 times better than her, but I would do it once just to get it out of my system.

  • i had a grudge once, unfortunately, because I felt the girl rejected me disrespectfully. it persisted for about a year. She apologized once for saying some stuff to me and that helped a lot. I think men and women get angry over rejection or break up very naturally. it is part of emotions it almost cannot be helped. most the time the best thing to do is to treat the person respectfully and they will feel better about the situation. If they are still mad they may just be temperamental. a nice thing to say is like "I'm sorry to say this but I just don't think we would be good together" and another thing is try to be open with them. sometimes by ignoring them they may internally feel angry which is silly but happens

  • I was in love with a girl, would have settled with being friends but she started ignoring me.. So I said f*** the bitch and it's a lot easier to be pissed.

  • Never, until you popped the question just now. Questions?


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