Are these good, or just neutral signs?

Note - we are not dating. we are friends, and recently have slept together a few times

- He uses my name often when we talk/message

- He slept over once but didn't try to have sex with me. (though I initiated it the next morning)

- He referred to us as "we" recently - he had a bad experience with a travel agent and said to me "we don't trust him anymore" meaning him & i, even though I have no problems with the agent. It was meant as a joke, but I kinda felt it meant something anyway

- He will message me about random stuff like his favorite TV show, or baseball team ie not just when he wants to see me or has a question (though these are common interest and this is not every day)

- He really cuddles up to me in bed, not just spooning, but nestling into my hair


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  • All good signs, certainly he likes you, but we don't know what kind of a guy he is...although it was polite to wait for you to initaite sex!

    • I've never met a guy like him before. I find him considerate, respectful, thoughtful.Not pushy with me. He claims to be quite shy, which I wouldn't have guessed, but I have only really seen him in the company of friends. In the past he has made it clear (well, he claims) that he is not a ladies man (I think he is incredibly charismatic and attractive so I find it surprising) and said he is quite fussy.

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    • Haha, is that a joke? But reading back on what I wrote...I see. I work in dance with a lot of gays, so I can usually spot them a mile off I get zero gay vibes. I know he's had at least one girlfriend, and was dating someone not long ago.

      When I say he's not pushy I mean that he'll try and get frisky but if I say no he is instantly respectful (most guys keep trying!)

      Also, we're a very accepting bunch, if he were gay he'd be out I think

    • Ok then! Sounds like a good guy, so far!

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