How do you know if you are cute, hot, or sexy if guys don't tell you?

Is there a way a guy look at girl? Tease her? Etc... What shows a guy like you and think of you?


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  • A guy likes you when he says a lot of dumb things because he doesn't know how to hold a normal conversation with you, he may do it perfectly with everyone else, but when it comes to you he doesn't even know how to handle it.

    Also when a guy gets extra nice and goes out of his way for you, he obviously likes you, like maybe he talks about things you want to talk about as opposed to things he would love to talk.

    Physically you can easily spot someone that really likes you by his voice, if his voice gets higher in picth and lower in volume he likes you a llot. He wouldn't be talking like that if he didn't like you, at the least he likes you a lot while he is doing those things without thinking.

    Also guys that like you may become fidgety with his hands and lean in when he talks.

    All those are clear signs that he likes you a lot with no exceptions, even if the guys is cool, confident, very popular, good in conversation, he will still show many of those signs.

    If he doesn't show any of those signs, he obviously doesn't like you, but he may still have sex with you, those are different things.

    • Ok, what if they are really smooth talker with me? What if they like to tease me for being a newbie or what not? Why are they bother to mess with me (for fun or actually like me)?

    • If he goes out of his way to talk to you, but he is still smooth, he may just want sex,= but nothing more. A guy with a crush that wants a relationship may be smooth for a while, but at some point he is is going to crack. I think voice is the bst indicator, after a while if his voice gets higher in picth and lower in volume, he likes you.

    • Thanks for best answer I haven't got one in years, sometimes I'm too honest and not many girls like that on here, lol.

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  • mostly, the way we behave.

    if you're cute, we will smile at you and look away. if you're hot and sexy we will stare (mostly at your legs, buttocks and breasts) - at least, that's what I do.

  • Good question. I was at the bank the other day. I say this gorgeous young teller. I knew that I wasn't gonna see her for a long time if any, so I know I stared at her unusually because I wanted to soak as much of her into my mind to last. So rather that is or isn't a way to tell or noticeable for that matter I don't know.

    • Did you imagine anything about her or were you just staring (mesmerized)? Guys don't tell me what is on their mind. Some stares, some turn away, and some give me deer in the headlight look. I can't distinct what they are think? When I ask, they just smile and say "nothing".

    • I was completely in a trance with her eyes I do know that. She had the most gorgeous eyes. Like TheManHimself said, I know I was acting crazy. I offered to donate spiders because they had Halloween decorations all around her. The wedding ring ruined it though, sort of like hugging a moving wheel on a bus. But I stare because I try to burn a impression of her in my mind because looking at her gave me so much pleasure.

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