A brave new world or 1984 if you prefer?

do we live in the dystopia a brave aldous huxley and george orwell describe.

i think being pc is a form of new speak by taking emotions out of language

severely mentally disabled = retard

promiscuous women = slut

childless father = bastard

the list goes on

also we have a bigger government then before

instead of three nations constantly fighting to keep our attentions off of government they give us consumer good and fluff entertainment

and everything you do in public (in cities anyways) is subject to being filmed with all the new technology


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  • Huxley's book is more possible than 1984. In fact, Huxley said that what he had anticipated in Brave New World was happening faster than he had previously anticipated. I think you can apply more government control and intervention into how things are run today. In Brave New World., being alone was frowned upon, sexually promiscuity was rampant, whenever someone was unhappy they were given soma, knowledge past what was deemed necessary for the individual was cut off from society, love and pain were non-existent, and there was a desensitization to death, etc.

    Look at the news, being in pain and suffering in life ALWAYS needs to be corrected. As if life should always be happy and wonderful. Whenever something bad happens, we always need to intervene and console each other, to take away that pain. Sexual promiscuity is quite rampant in today's world, as young teenagers are having premarital sex, television shows like the Jersey Shore are glorifying the act of "getting it in." Soma is a metaphor for how we like to systematically control everything to the extent to which we can achieve the highest comfort level. The omission of certain issues and the bias of information in textbooks in the school system, to the point where people are now misinformed and are walking through life with only half the true story. An increasing number of people who no longer believe in the sanctity of marriage, and who instead prefer to have numerous one night stands and short term partners. Kids are desensitized to death, they kill each other for fun in video games, and war movies, books, war paraphernalia, are spread out amongst the men so that they can have more courage on the battlefield. (This is a common tactic that the US and other countries have done to enlist more soldiers) The dumbing down of America, relying on the mainstream media to feed them information, as biased and flawed as it may be.

    I think Huxley was right.


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  • Those are terrible and pathetic examples, but I - well, I haven't yet read Huxley's Brave New World, but in terms of Orwell's 1984, Thoughtcrime is very real. You go out into the street and start preaching about how all n*****s and spiks have to get shot, and are all a load of a**holes, and whatever else. Just shout about it, don't be aggressive, just shout about it. You'll get lifted, spend a night in Prison.

    And the war? I wouldn't be surprised if the whole reason for the war was just to let us believe there was a war on, and all that. I wouldn't doubt that for a minute. In America, there are plenty of 3 minutes hate examples - Osama Bin Laden, before him Communism. Currently the best example is probably Pedophiles. The moral panic over pedophilia, where everyones scared to let their kids out. There are no more rapists than there were before, probably less, and most child rapists aren't pedophiles anyway. But it's an enemy, they've put a face to the fear, and we can all engage in hate.

    The rest of it though, eh... The governments are far too flabby. The truth is they don't KNOW what they're doing. They fight among themselves, try and enlist their own agendas, and the Senate, Civil Service and whatever else push their agenda, and I mean if you look at America Obama and Romney are basically promising the exact same things, except ones left and ones right. In my country, literally, all the people you can vote for want the exact same thing - Unionism. It doesn't matter who at all.

    If the Government was competent, it'd be an Orwelien-Huxlien Dystopia, but right now it's a lonnnngggg way from competent.

  • I'd find it easier to sympathise with your fear of a Dystopian future, if you weren't so keen to hang on to such outdated concepts like a woman who enjoys sex = slut.

    The fact that you get the definition of "bastard" wrong (I'm sure you were aiming for 'fatherless child") just highlights my point.

    Ignorance, like Bigotry, fears change.

  • I want to go back to the time of Shakespeare when people actually appreciated creativity in their language. You are honestly very ungrateful for the change that brought you your 1984 and now brings you the 2000. Or perhaps you are just getting old enough to start with the "When I was young ..." Please spare us...

    When it comes to your government that is your own mess to clean up except I only see a bunch of people complaining and very little actual effort put into dealing with the problem. Get off your chair and go down to your state representative! Send letters, call them, mobilize others. Become the change you so want.

    • what, I do like creative language that's why concise words are needed we don't need to lower the vocabulary you actually back me unitentially

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    • no you really don't get it, the PC version of noob would bee a person of little experience with the subject at hand, sorry but you don't get it

    • Hehe the reason why I like the word "noob" is because it does not have a direct meaning. No one has officially defined it only the vague idea behind its creation. You project your own meaning to it by the context you are using it in.

      Having an official definition of it would ruin the reason why we use it.

      You say we remove emotions from overusing the words and that is only partially true. We remove it so that we can use it in a way that ultimately gives it MORE emotions then it would have.

  • lmao @ fluff entertainment


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