Best comeback in an argument?

The best way to handle the argument is you being calm collected and let them make an ass out of themselves if they want to.

I know it's tempting to make a personal attack at them or invest your emotions toward them, but it will just fuel them to attack you.

instead spend as little energy as possible. let them be the one who makes the claims, and you be the one who questions and scrutinizes them.

Basically things like:

"Whats wrong with that"


"Is that a problem?"

Put them on the defensive and traps them in a corner, if you employ them right.

Anyone want to add to this?


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  • Argument about what? Chances are, it's too boring anyway, and I've got better things to do.


    • which is why, as I said, the best to handle it is to let THEM burn themselves out. you don't fuel them to say more nasty things which fuels you to get more angry. you just be like a rock, and let them punch themsleves out.

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