Is it true you cannot compare different races 'beauty' to each other?

Is it true you cannot compare the beauty of a Latina to a black woman?

I am a very attractive black girl, and I am considered out of my boyfriends league.

His ex boyfriend was Latina (he is has well).

I asked who does he think is better looking (I think its me obviously because I am slim, with model looks).

She was short, with chubbiness spilling over.

He said you cannot compare the beauty of a black woman to that a latin womans.

Is that true?

I thought we were all humans here.
Sorry I meant his ex girlfriend, lmao.


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  • I think it's true. Just think of this. The two best looking girls I've ever seen where different races. One was white. Very Nordic, blond tall etc.

    The other was from Purto Rico. She was very Latino. Dark hair very dark skin.

    They were both beautiful girls but they both also dressed very well and had very flattering styles.

    (What I describe is what the girls were wearing the first time I saw them)

    When I first met her the blond was wearing one of those shirts that is very tight, with those fake sleeves and going past her butt. She had loose ripped jeans and combat boots. Her hair was gently waving and stopped at the small of her back. It also had a one part at the end dyed red.

    Also the tips of her nails were painted black.

    The Latino was very different. She had much shorter hair tied in a ponytail. She was wearing one of those parachute shirts (I don't know what they are called that's just what they remind me of) tight jeans tucked into ugg boots. she had large hoop earnings and a sweep of hair coming into her eyes.

    Now I could never tell you which was prettier. I also know that if they switched styles they neither would be flattered.

    I won't describe the best looking black girl I've ever seen because I still know her. And I have a hard enough time staying with my girl as it is (I'm kidding I don't have a girl) But I don't think it's to appropriate to describe someone that I know without asking.


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  • oh goodness... that is such a loaded question. This is a type of question you just don't ask. Just like a guy asking his girlfriend if his penis is the biggest she's ever been with.

    I happen to agree with his statement but he was probably avoiding answering your question.

    • I agree and I think so too. Although it could very well could mean he meant this has well.

  • Of course you can compare different people/races beauty to one another..

    One 'race' may have a stereotypical or 'fitting' beauty in contrast to another, think facial structure of Asians vs Latinas vs black people; what looks good on one might not look as good on the other from a 'racially stereotypical beauty befitting to race X' standpoint, in which case you can't really compare them in that sense, but you CAN compare the two people individually, of course..

    The problem is that it'll always be subjective to that one person (example: 'I prefer redheads more' or 'I prefer the Asian facial structure more compared to a Latina's facial structure'), whereas the other can be said to measure 'distance to the stereotypical consensus of befitting beauty within race X'.

    Example: my girlfriend's from Southeast Asia. Somewhat petite, great wavy black hair, slightly bronze skin, high-ish cheekbones. She's absolutely bloody gorgeous. I know another (this time a white) person who's a redhead. She's also bloody gorgeous. But, if you were to switch their hairstyles, my girlfriend would look like some sort of caricature or cartoon. It'd just look weird. And yet we just established that redhead == gorgeous and this particular Asian girl == gorgeous... If we combined the best of two worlds, wouldn't that just be awesome to the second power? Nope. Because it just wouldn't fit her the way it'd fit the other person. Hence, two different races, two different ways of evaluating beauty with regards to that race.

    It'd be the same as saying "girls with boobs is great, hell, boobs are great, therefore men with boobs are great... I mean we're all humans here aren't we?" Well, sure, but that's not the point. Women and men ARE different by our features and (probably unconscious) 'standards' of beauty, of what *fits* them stereotypically and what doesn't.



  • Beauty comparison has little to do with race and more to do with the individual.

    For instance, Lauren London is prettier than say, America Ferrera. But Adamari Lopez is prettier than Whoopi Goldberg. Candice Swanepoel is prettier than Sofia Vergara(yeah yeah, tied comparison), but Eva Longoria is prettier than Rosie O'Donnell.

    It's more about the individual and less about the race, but I think this is one loaded ass question

  • Beauty and ugly in all races. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He might find you attractive but another guy will find you ugly and vice versa with his ex

    • i agree with that. but there are just some people that are just clearly more attractive than others.

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    • oh no I'm talking just about looks... before they even started dating and the first time they seen them

    • well damn in that case.

  • Everybody is pink on the inside so in that sense yes but no you cannot compare an a black woman to a Hispanic woman, men are going to be attracted to either the darker or lighter tones. The soft brown color of a black woman or the olive skin tone of a Latina are different.

    Try comparing a white woman to a black woman, where the difference is much greater, some men will be attracted to the darker tone and others to the lighter tone, its just on preference.

  • Like Peace said, beauty has nothing to do with the race, it has to do with the individual. Regardless, why would you ask him a question like that anyways, makes you sound a bit insecure (what would you have done if he preferred her? I'ts better off not knowing the answer).

    • Not insecure at all. I was just wondering at his answer because he made it seem like she was a "it" factor for all guys. And looking at her photos she looking like a pretty basic girl. So I was wondering from his perspective who did he think was better looking (although I know I am).

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    • You don't know a thing about me either, so your assumptions on what I assume have an equal chance of being nothing but a fallacy. Internet talk, it's easy to take everything the wrong way, to jump to the most negative conclusion. Regardless you too can think what you like, I could care less.

    • I am not assuming anything about your personality traits, you are the one that is. Why would I do such a silly thing based on one post and not even knowing you for the rest of your life. You're the "smart" one who did that. So goodbye, and enjoy the rest of your life. Not going to waste anymore time on someone like you.

  • Different races have different types of beauty yes ; but IMO, its obvious that tae heckard is finer than Kristen Stewart and America Ferrara

  • Right I am probably going to get some flak for this but I think each "race" has its own styles. Basically meaning the thing that best suites them. They are each trying to good looking in their own way. That is why I think a direct comparison would be to say "how 'black' does this Asian look?" or the other way around.

    Oranges and Apples basically. An apple would be a terrible orange but a good apple.

    Now there is a way you can kind of compare them and that is how good they look in their own style. How good is this apple as an apple compared to how good this orange is as an orange. This can give you a sense of how beautiful someone is but its far to vague to make an absolute judgment.

    That said... its really not as constrained as I make it out to be. There are plenty of styles you can aim for in every "race" its just that you have your strong points and your weak points.

    Let the flaming of me begin!

  • You can most definitely compare. Just ask him how many seconds it takes to get a full hard on when looking at girl number one naked, and how many seconds it takes to get a full hard on when looking at girl number 2 naked. Comparison done! ;)


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