How can I see what everyone else is?

I've lost a lot of weight over the last few years. I was never technically overweight, but I was definitely chunky.

I'm 5'7"-8" ish and about 125 lbs. I have people telling me not to loose more because I'm looking too thin and everything.. Ad I can't see it. I still feel gross. I'm working out and everything too. I can see some improvement but I still feel a lot bigger than I'd like to. Bit I know I shouldn't loose much more.. How can I like what I have more now?


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  • It seems like you are becoming obsessed with your weight and through this you can develop a eating disorder.

    Even though people see you has thin.

    You still can't help but see that overweight girl.

    You are in fear of getting back to the same has you once were,

    which is why you feel like if you continue to lose weight (even though you don't need to), you will be further away from that. Anything is better than being that overweight girl you once were.

    You have to try to confide in someone about these issues.

    Great friends can carry us a long way.

    -Be confident in the way you look.

    -Look at older photos and remind yourself that you are a different person now.

    -Dress In a way that will compliment your new figure.

    Whenever you feel depressed or upset about this,

    -Try to release your feelings in a journal.


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  • use the BMI link calculator for women.

    Your BMI is 19.6, indicating your weight is in the Normal weight range category for women of your height. so right now you are perfect height weight for your height.

  • Hey girlie give us a look post a picture so we can see what to think okay? To thin skeleton look is not so appealing, you could be just right.


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