What song (s), do you connect with the most?

Like, what song or songs do you feel connected

to? And, why does that song, speak to you

so much?!

I feel like You Found Me by The Fray, is

like my life's anthem. There's a lot of reasons

why I feel connected to the song, it just speaks

to me very loudly and it will forever be my song!

I don't know if I feel connected to this song, but

Annie by Safety Suit, I can related to that song

a lot. Like the girl he's singing about, I know how

she feels, because I've felt like that. And, most

importantly, I want a guy to feel about me. The

way the person singing the song, feels about her!

Now, this song has ALWAYS, spoke to me. Iris

by the Goo Goo Dolls. The thing about the song

that speaks to me the most is, the part were he

sings. " I don't want the world to see me, because

I don't think that they'd understand! When the world

is meant to be broken, I just want you to know who I am"

I get that, because I don't want the world to see me,because

I know they won't understand, I'm just too different, for this

world and I feel how much of a outsider I am. I mean, I'm

still going to go after my life's goals, but I'm scared and I hope

I can do it.

So, what are your song (s), that speak to you? Thanks. : )


Most Helpful Girl

  • A.A. Bondy "Killed Myself When I Was Young" https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=k7EjSNp3Ycc

    Always had problems with depression and suicide...

    and a ton of other songs I can't seem to remember right now lol :P

    • oh and The Band Perry "If I Die Young" link

      for the same reasons :)

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  • Song to the Siren by Tim Buckley.

    Love it. Nothing so sad, that song can't make it worse. Or so good it can't make it better.

  • i have so many that I feel connected to, but I would say Madonna's You'll see and Cyndi Lauper's true colors and girls just wanna have fun

  • I don't make connections like this to songs or most other forms of media... Probably explains why I don't have any friends :O

  • link

    that whole album really

  • I connect with my new ringtone the most

  • The ways of a women in love. By Johnny Cash.


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