I hooked up but ran out before anything could happen?

Ok, so this might be confusing to explain.

So last week I ended up making out with a guy after going back to his room with him from the bars. We were both drunk but because I was drunk, I have this "must leave" mindset that I conditioned myself to have while I am intoxicated (so I don't do anything that I might regret, like have sex or do something stupid with people I don't know that well). So we were making out and he was getting aggressive (which also made me like WHOA slow down... I was also on my period at the time so I didn't want that out in the open) and I got up and I was like, "I probably should go." He asked me not to leave but I did anyway because I was drunk and I had my "go home" mindset going...

The thing is, I kind of like this guy. He's in one of my classes and nothing has been awkward which is nice, and we've been able to have some small chit chat, but how do I move forward from that so that I can get to know him and hang out and even hook up again (this time with me not running away...)? I feel like I might of damaged his confidence with me or I don't know what since he actually texted me the next day going "sorry for being so aggressive." He also invited me to a movie while drunk ha ha I don't know if that counts for anything, but how to bring that up again since I do want to go.
to clarify all the "stop getting drunk on dates"-- it wasn't a date, it was the weekend after my 21st birthday. Sooo THAT is why I was drunk ha ha I was celebrating and then the above happened post-celebration.


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  • why can't you just tell him something like "I enjoyed getting to know you a little bit. I know I left abruptly, but when I am drinking I just want to be super careful. Perhaps we can go out some time when there isn't any drinking."

    (of course I am not eloquent so hopefully you can come up with something better to say...but you get the gist.)

    • lol I'm not eloquent either so this sounds good to me!

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  • Tell him you want to hang out again.

    And you really do like him, but would rather take things slow.

    The only way to move forward from this is to be completely honest.

    If you're worried about how you may get while intoxicated try to monitor your drinking.

    • I'm not worried about my drinking because I've trained myself to leave a certain point when I'm intoxicated to go home. I'm just worried I hurt my chances with him since I went home. It's weird. I'm like a dog

    • No, I don't think you hurt your chances. He still seems interested. Just be completely honest with him so he doesn't feel a certain way. Tell him he wasn't too aggressive, its just that you didn't want anything to go beyond that point. You really like him and you want to slow things down a bit. I'm sure he will respect that.

  • so that means you DIDN'T hook up...

    go back with him another time and finish the job, good luck

    • Yeah, I submitted it and I was like, maybe I should of changed the title question- that makes NO sense lol

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    • very true- it just gets to a point where it gets too confused too often so I wished I clarified what my actual question was

    • Yes. I know.

      But this is another reason why people should read details so they know what you actually meant.

      But yes, I can't tell you how many times someone is like I hooked up with ______.

      And I'm standing there wondering, well how far did it really go?

  • First, tell him about your "must leave" mindset and clarify things with him. Second, stop getting drunk on dates.

    • it wasn't a date. I was with my roommate and we ran into him

  • Alcohol is very bad for everybody and there are a lot of s.t.d's out there these days.

    That's all I'm gonna say.

    • which is why I left? that sh*t freaks me out. even drunk I know I don't want to risk getting that

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