Periodic table. I need help memorizing it. :(

Can anyone offer advice? I have to memorize periods 1-4. Their symbols, names, and atomic numbers. All suggestions are appreciated.


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  • Well my chem teacher in high school made us memorize the first 20 with the story:

    (H)(He)(Li) (Be)(B)(C)(N)(O)(F) has a girlfriend (Ni)(Na) (Mg)(Al) who (Si)(P)(S) (Cl)horine (Ar)nd (K)oughs (Ca)lcium.

    That made it really easy to remember plus 17 (Chlorine) and 20 (Calcium) in the story so you are guaranteed to get at least two if you can remember it. At best, you get the atomic numbers and symbols in order you just have to remember which elements go with which symbols, and that's not too difficult since most of the symbols are the first letter of the element. I never had to memorize past that point so I don't know how to help you with the rest of it but at least its a start. 6 years later I still remember that story...

    • You've inspired me, I was able to create a solution with your example. Thank you sweetie!

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    • Its just a's a little easier to explain verbally but unfortunately its stuck to text-based communication on here. Its pronounced like Eli Bebcnof...

    • Lol I understand. It seems to be a popular model, perhaps I can find it on YT. Thanks again

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  • Well, there's a few different ways. Songs seem to do some good, but some are harder to learn than others. (They Might be Giants) - along with the song, this video might help you as far as a visual representation.

    You might also consider looking up/getting Tom Lehrer's Elements song, which is more difficult to remember and memorize, but it's doable.

    Very few, if any, known songs contain their symbols and numbers, but instead stress the names, so you might need something else to help.

    Do you need the four rows, or the first four elements themselves? If you need to memorize the 4 elements singly, you might consider a combination of memory tricks. 1) gun shooting through some hydrogen. 2) A shoe, lifting up in mid air (helium, like a balloon), 3) a tree, growing lithium batteries

    4) a door, opening to see berylium, for example. This sort of rhyming visualization tends to help memorize up to twenty "random" objects. This might help. Good luck.

  • Oh I made this up to memorize it easy :P

    H, He Lie Beb CNO,

    F*** NiNa,

    Mug AlSip

    School Ark Ca.

    Thats a sentence (some gibberish) to pronounce H, He, Li Be B C N O F Ni Na Mg Al Si P S Cl Ar K Ca. Read this sequence and read the sentence and you'll see what I mean.

    basically this neena chick gets f***ed xD

  • Youtube is pretty amazing for this.

    This is my favorite online periodic table: link

    The names and symbols aren't too bad to memorize, especially with periods 1-4. Most symbols are easy to relate to the names, with the exceptions of sodium (Na), potassium (K), and iron (Fe) in periods 1-4. They're different because of their Latin names (also Hg, Au, Ag.. but that's further down).

    When I took AP Chemistry in high school, we did so many problems that memorizing their symbols/names/numbers wasn't necessary. Even their atomic mass and valence electrons came naturally.

    If you really want to dedicate yourself, do lots of practice problems. Flash cards also really, really help with memorization (for most people).

    • Natrium and Kalium are the same in Dutch. Fe is easy, ferrum, think Ferrari (italian for smith).

    • holy crap. I'm not even a chemist and I want to bookmark that periodic table..

  • tattoo it on your arm

    use google for memorization techniques

    hide a posted paper in class

    make a game out of it

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  • helpful hint:

    there are 7 diatomic elements and they kinda make a 7 too



  • Id say start by remembering specific groups like alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, noble gasses, halogens, lanthanides, actinides, etc. This way it will break down your studying into smaller blocks. The transition metals will be the hard part.

  • Apply what you learn. That will reinforce it. Also read a lot then sleep well. Sleeping on it helps a great deal. Don't cram

  • Sheldon Cooper made a song about their order, I think...but I'm not sure what it was. Flash cards perhaps?

    • I agree with flash cards. I'll look up the Sheldon Cooper song. Thank you!

    • Yeah, the Sheldon Cooper song from the Big Bang Theory.

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