Why do humans seem so different?

kind of weird question but I was thinking bout this all the time lately. why are humans seem like we are so different from other animals? look around at the world; animals build nests or dens but humans build cities and skyscrapers. we manipulate the fire and waters, make technology, even try to control atoms and nuclear energy. we are so advanced compared to other living things. I wonder why? why humans are so complex with how we think, live, and even emotions like love and pride? why didn't any other animals go as advanced in evolution? it makes no sense its like we don't really belong here or something? the only animals that have no purpose in nature like all others that help keep the planet alive. we are just here but we don't seem to belong.


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  • Because the others like us died off due to competition. Neanderthal ring a bell? We coexisted with them. But we thrived and they couldn't keep up so they went extinct. Anything that was of similar or relatively close intelligence was competition, so we probably either killed it off or simply starved it out due to a domination of resources.

    • why is intelligence only localized to humans? several other organisms share adaptations like speed or strength or whatever, but only humans have this trait of intelligence.

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    • Humbling? Eh, I don't know if humbling is the word I'd use. We actively destroyed everything in our path. But if you mean humbling in the sense we aren't all that special, then sure.

    • I mean humbling as far as us being the one's who developed that trait in order to beat the others of our genus and not dye out...

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  • Our advanced intelligence did not come about for a whole lot of specific reasons. although a lot of bad things can come about from having more intelligence overall natural selection deemed it advantageous for our species to have more of it. Other animals are also advanced but in their own ways. Can any of us naturally fly for example? Or sprint like a cheetah? carry several times our own weight in food? All these adaptations need to be made taken in context to how they can serve the particular species and individuals they pertain to. Our level of intelligence helped us in the past perhaps in predation and sustainence. I doubt natural selection could have crafted our intelligence in super specific ways however the kind of intelligence we have now all comes from serving important simple functions to our species fitness. Because intelligence can manifest itself into so many different end results humans can do something crazy with their intelligence as well. However, overall it has a beneficial function

    • Huh...then why didn't our intelligence stop developing? I mean, our food is just a supermarket away, water comes out the faucet on demand, and even the least of homes is adequate shelter than the wilderness. Our basic needs for survival are well met - a cheetah is fast because it's prey is fast; birds fly to catch insects whom fly, and travel long distances for their state of survival. Why didn't they develop our intelligence? Surely if cheetahs could use dart guns to subdue their prey

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    • but you just said the natural world doesn't have some type of order or function it follows a couple answers ago? I will read the article thanks -

    • I said ecosystems are not trying to maintain a balance however this I not my own view but simply what I hear from another scientist.

  • I think you have misunderstood a few things. Anyone can build skyscrapers, manipulate the elements and such. If a raccoon do exactly the same stuff we do he would achieve the same things as well.

    They lack a way to store knowledge, they lack a creative spark, they lack a reason to do it.

    If you were to take the first human child and raise him or her in today's society he would be no different from you and me when he or she grew up.

    That said why we are alone is simple... We are a dying species. The last of the "Homo". Our last cousin died during the last Ice age which was the Neanderthal.

    We know of a total of 9 species of Homo's and 8 of them are extinct leaving only us.

    But do not think humans are the only species that feel love and pride. Most mammals are equally complicated and shares our emotions more often then not.

    • We are the last of our species, that is true. The closest that comes to us are Chimps, but they lack a so many human characteristics, opposable thumb, a really complex language that consists out of words and not grunts and snarls. We are the last of our species so lets not become extinct.

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    • one and have regular access for longer than they do an adequatly providing for that water need.

    • Still anyone can use that path to travel back and forth. Its beside the point how much use they can get out of it what matters is that they did not contribute anything in its creation.

  • Its called evolution.

    animals have basic instincts to survive. They make simple homes. (Nests/Dens/Holes/Trees/Ect)

    You come to the final advanced species called humans.

    Yes, we have animal characteristics, but we are this earths intelligent species.

    Is this not common sense?...

    • That's not what i"m asking - I'm asking essentially why we were the only animals to develop intellectually this way. The only responses I've got is that it was " just because of chance," and that's it. Well if everything Just happens just because, then what's the point of logically seeking answers if the best we can do is just say it ultimately happens for no ultimate reason. Just cause.

      Humans thrive fine once we learned how to hunt and build shelter - why the extended capacity

    • for reason? And don't get smug with your evolution talk, because your answer is just going to boil down to the same conclusion of chance ( that is left illogically unanswered,) so I'd avoid swimming those waters. They are treacherous.

    • Dinosaurs were this Earths first ultimate race

      Once the Gods were done with the dinosaurs, a new earth + intelligent race were made.

      Intelligent because dinosaurs were already made. Dinosaurs mastered the abilities in sound, growth development, ect.

      Humans, are masters of technology,statistics,ect.From the ancients till current day.

      The 3rd earth is divine. War/natural disasters(cataclysm) cures this earth, the next earth will develop. Our atmosphere will be diff and we will have deeper thought

  • Yeah we've developed cortex's and can document knowledge so it can be improved upon. I think it was bound to happen to a species eventually; it happened to be us. It may seem mind blowing, but really I think its pretty simple.

    • simple that we just developed cortex's? Um, biologically speaking, it seems like a way better investment for nature to give us photosynthetic powers so we don't have to worry about food lol, or super immune systems to resist dieseases altogether as opposed to superior knowledge. It goes against nature it seems because we destroy more than we produce. We are already running the planet into the ground. Why would nature construct something that is going to harm itself and nature too after a while?

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    • work to get as well. In fact our modern intelligence started when primates first started eating meat. Brain size increased along with all sorts of anatomical changes. primates had to be more strategic in order to better hunt animals that were faster and stronger than them. The short answer to your question is just chance. The reason why we have such advanced brain capacities is because of random mutations that passed on well into our ancestors. why don't wolves and cheetahs have them? no reason

    • it just didn't happen that way. Evolution doesn't optimize everything. as long as some gene works good enough to make one group survive over another it will get passed along. We still have a lot of genes that give us blood pressure and diseases in old age and stuff. we're not perfect organisms just because we have a lot of intelligence. these genes were just historically good enough to get us to survive. It's all ultimately chance events. our brains, everything

  • It's called "survival of the fittest", a big part of evolution.

    Every species on the planet mutates. Radiation from the sun causes genetic changes, and sometimes those are for the bad, and sometimes for the good. When it's for the good, the people with that mutation have an advantage over those who don't, and thus can better fight for resources and increase their chances of reproducing and passing on those new traits. The people lacking the new advantage lose out over time and die off. That's why there are no Neanderthals anymore.

    Humans were just the ones who got their first. If it wasn't us, it would have been some other species. We just happened to have the right things at the right time, for a long enough time, that we thrived and killed off the competition.

    • I suppose, the problem with this though, is that evolution always has a " trade off," mechanism involved when organisms undergo it. Like some male species of birds develop very flashy feather colors to catch the eyes of more mates and improve fitness, the trade off being that they are more easily seen by predators. Or peacocks as another example who sometimes can't get off the ground to escape danger due to their really heavy tails - nice tails for mates - just heavy lol

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    • The Big Bang Theory isn't necessarily incompatible with the idea of a God or creator, anymore than biology, genetics, and anthropology is incompatible with the very simplified lessons we teach little kids. Who's to say that the Biblical story of creation isn't just a vastly simplified version of the BBT, so that people in 2000 BC could grasp the most basic concepts?

    • Could or couldn't be, but then that would mean the bible is a vastily simplified compialation of explaining the universe as we know it - I mean if that creation story has relevance in science, then what other relevance could the bible have as well? It's also kind of odd that the creator continues to appear throughout the bible as this divine spirit and what not as well...hmm.

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  • Simply put: because we were made in God's likeness.

    • And you are so right! We certainly don't belong here! We were made for something greater!

  • Because we are really different than other animals. Actually I don't consider us animals, okay there are many similarities between our anatomy and theirs, but we are way different than all animals species. Although there are many animal species and each one has characteristics different than the other animals and some of them lived before us on this earth but no one yet is as advanced as the human or made these big changes in life as the human did.

    We have an advanced brain. And I think one of the purposes why we are here is to build more constructions and make this world more sophisticated and comfortable even for the animals.

    • Huh...wonder why our brain just was advanced? There has to be a reason there... nothing just seems to happen for no apparent reason. I don't know about sophistication, we're more likely to blow ourselves up with nuclear warfare than make the world more comfortable for anyone lol

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    • don't have the right*

    • righto, did you ever notice that in Genesis God says when he created Adam that he gave mankind " dominion" over all other things? I find it interesting that the bible states this, and then you look around and see zoo's in which we maintain animals, we are the top of the food chain, and we can command animals like dogs to sit or attack on command? Just thought that was kind of freaky lol :P

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