How can I get a more toned body?

I'm 5'8.5 and 127 lbs. I want to get more toned and get a flatter stomach. What type of exercise should I do?


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  • How much fat is on your frame?

    If you want to generally flatten stomach muscles, TVA exercises are called for.

    • not much, just a little on my thighs and stomach.

    • What else do you want to tone? Just all over?

      Clean up your diet a little, do some HIIT type exercise that involves all your muscles.

      If you have no other ideas, kettleball workouts would work well enough.

      And TVA work to flatten rather then build stomch.

    • In case its not obvious, since it often isn't to women, 'clean up your diet' does NOT mean eat less meat. I repeat, meat is your friend. Avoid sugar and simple carbs, you will need some complex carbs to do HIIT workouts. Keep protein up and don't eat too little or you can't tone. Remember - tone means building muscle.

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  • I started doing yoga 5 years ago and my arm muscles and core look great and are stronger than ever. I also have tried pilates but do not like to do repetitive floor exercises. Weight lifting also works great, good luck!

  • do you have access to a gym or not? That helps a lot. Lifting weights will get you toned.

    Weighted Squats

    Weighted Lunges

    Shoulder Press

    Bench Press


    Stay away from ab exercises until you get lean, otherwise they'll bulge your stomach.

  • Go on YouTube and search "how to get a flatter stomach." Tons of people with tips and suggestions.


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