Do you think female income inequality is real?

My personal opinion, the answer is no. Stats like women earning 77% of men, while they might not be entirely false, are misleading.

Here is a page containing about 30...yes yo heard me correctly, 30 links to different articles and studies, some done by very prominent agencies like the US department of labor, proving that there is no income disparity between men and women. In many cases its actually the men who are being treated unfairly in the work place.

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1. People are misinterpreting the question. Which would be seen if you go to the link. That 77% stat is somewhat true, it just doesn't tell the entire story which is what I'm arguing. What I mean by inequality is that someone getting paid differently for the exact same job and all other factors being equal other than gender.

2. Seriously...go to to the link.
These poll results show why our society is doomed. I post a link with 30 f***ing sources and half of you still choose to ignore the facts. How do you convince someone the sky is blue when its staring them right in the face.
How can I post 30 sources proving there is no such thing and people still believe otherwise? You guys are either stupid as f*** or didn't take the time to click the link .


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  • Women between ages of 22 and 30 make 8% more than men in the same age group.

    So no, not over across the board, that's for sure.


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  • It's obviously real.

    Men work more hours, and choose to work in jobs that pay more in order to: (1) conform to socialized ideals of the male image and masculine identity, (2) possess "money," which men are also socialized to believe is extremely valuable to women, and (3) eventually provide for their family, because due to socialized gender roles, men are led to assume that women will likely expect men to pick up the bulk of the weight when it comes to financially providing for the home, so since men don't grow up expecting to "find a wife" so solve their financial problems, they are living in a constantly financially insecure state of being that can only be solved by finding a job that pays well, not just for himself but for an entire family. So, because personal identity, sex, women, reproduction, and family are all important to men, they are easily willing to overlook and accept things women don't have the same incentive as men to overlook or accept (i.e., longer hours, risk of injuries, risk of death, uncomfortable working conditions, higher levels of work-related stress, physically and mentally demanding jobs, etc.)

    The result is, this leads to very real income inequality between men and women.

    That's a small and subtle, but important, point that people quickly gloss over. THIS leads to female income inequality, NOT sex-based employment discrimination! Rather, socially accepted and maintained gender-roles both create and maintain gender inequality.

    The same way men are motivated and incentivized to sacrifice their personal lives and happiness in exchange for financial security, which is not personally important to men, but for the socialized definition of the masculine identity (provider, protector, money is important to women, you can't count on women financially, etc), well, women are disincentivized and not motivated to pursue financial security the same way men are (personally and directly). Women are socialized to accept the feminine identity, which is defined and maintained as the person who is caring, loving, supportive (emotionally), and in search of a strong protector and provider to compensate for her lack of personally and directly meeting her own financial security, support, and family support responsibilities; in return or in exchange, she will provide love, and care for the home and children, and her partner, including sex, among other things.

    Maybe you and I have grown up in more progressive households, but on average, the collective attitudes and beliefs of the nation speak for themselves in the way they define what we typically consider to be "a man, manly, masculine" and what we typically consider to be "a woman, girly, feminine." More importantly, since "loss aversion" is a more powerful impulse, what a "failure" of a man or woman is speaks volumes about what society expects unequally from both sexes, and the incentives (or lack thereof) society creates "unequally" for the sexes.

  • We live in a world of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. Black people can sit wherever they want on buses and women have equal employment rights to men. This is why I get so pissed at all these Anti-Romney people who have no idea what he stands for because they are just brainwashed by the Liberal media. Like for example- Planned Parenthood.

    • @Leto- typical LIBERAL response.

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    • Take no notice of queefy. It is just some idiot using a fake account to spread their opinion by harassing and annoying others.

      Liberals are the true purveyors of misinformation and wouldn't know real facts if they slapped them across the face, that's why they use dirty tricks like trolling and personal attacks to get their points across

    • I'm aware handsomejackk. The problem is that liberals think they can convince. They forget that my background is in things like economics, so I'll know when your lying. Your average person believes everything they see and hear because they don't have the knowledge to call their bluff. I do.

  • I don't really have a problem with laws that discourage discrimination. If your company is being fair, won't be a problem. If there is a problem somewhere, then there is an avenue to seek amends. That shouldn't really be a big fuss point unless you're a jerk of an employer.

    The wage-gap 'problem' I think is something that is naturally diminishing as society progresses though. Being the gender roles of the last century are fading more, these gaps will fill in as we 20 somethings age up.

    There is still need to encourage women involvement in still male dominated fields like the sciences, engineering, tech, business, etc. The problems aren't so much equal pay for equal work as they are field cultural ones, which is something I can personally attest to as one of the sole females in my department. Its the lack of support and role models that is a major problem. Once again, I don't notice it as much with my peers as with older members in those areas.


    This poll isn't why the country is doomed, its people who instantly jump to name-calling, and yelling arguments rather than having a discussion when someone doesn't agree with them that are causing the problems. Fastest route to alienation, stalemates, and resentment right there.

  • It's real come on.

    At least in the Netherlands, women get paid less than men for the same job.

    • I'm talking about America, not other countries.

    • America too

    • In America they would be shut down for doing so. Read my links and tell you you still believe that. Either that or you're just another moron who will deny something staring you right int he face. The facts our there. I presented 30, I REPEAT 30 studies confirming no income inequality and you have the audacity to claim otherwise? Are you ignorant or just plain stupid?

  • it used to be more of an issue years ago . think things ahve evened out a lot in recent years . one of the reasons some women do make less is they tend to work in lower paying jobs more often than men . jobs such as Wal Mart and fast food that make less money than say a construction worker or factory labourer

    • They also work in more recession proof jobs. And less risk jobs. Men tend to take on the higher hazard jobs (which also pays more). There are so many reasons other than "SEXISM!" that there's any sorta pay difference and I hate every single feminist who ignores those variables :|

  • In short: income inequality is nonsense. It's designed to justify high taxes robbing productive men blind to pay for useless paper pushing government jobs for women.

  • Yes, women get paid less than men on average. But they also negotiate for their pay FAR less than men.

    Sick of this bs that women think there needs to be laws saying this and that about pay in that aspects. Take some responsibility, negotiate your damn pay. If it's true that sexism is there (as in you HAVE asked for higher pay and still don't get it where as a male worker does and is doing the same job) then punish the guy. Take it on a case by case instance. But don't go and demand laws to force someone to pay you when you don't make the effort to negotiate for a higher pay.

    • @anon p**** below: lol "Liberal Media." The media is about as far from Liberal. And it's obvious you have no idea what liberalism is even about.

      And Romney has been a bit of a d*** when it comes to women. But the entire Republican party has been. Too bad you hate facts :\

    • Leto I'm sorry but if you think the media isn't liberal you really have some serious issues. Ask anyone on the street that question. It's basically a fact of life, just like how academic institutions are usually liberal.

      I've had discussions with you before, so I'm aware that your intelligence level is that of a 10yr old. I really find it hard to believe you are 27. Your probably just one of those idiots who didn't go to college, spends most of his time drinking and playing video games.

    • @QA- LOL. All Leto cares about is spitting his Liberal rhetoric and explaining why he is superior and everyone else is wrong. Also all the name calling too, I mean I don't get it. In America there is a two party political system with two different ideals. That's the lovely part about the American political system! Also Leto, as I said above- Romney was governor of Massachusetts where there is equal pay between genders. Also, he was sitting Governor for gay marriage. Stop being anti-Romney.

  • Nope. More conspiracy theories from professional victims.

  • At least here in Massachusetts there is no difference in wages based on gender from what I've seen.

    • Mitt Romney was Governor in Massachusetts, right? What a wild fact that there is equal pay in Massachusetts by gender and there was a Republican governor! Oh and wait! He was SITTING Governor when the gay marriage act was passed there lol. Are you reading this Leto?

    • I believe jane Swift was govorner when that was passed. Did you know that Mitt didn't draw a salary while in office here?

  • not quiet...income inequality is real but it is because men work in broader areas of the job market, which means on average they earn more. Also men tend to get promoted more often than women? Why is that? I don't know. But that figure also influences the income gap between genders.

    • Well...that's sort of the point. That is what the studies in my link are talking about and why the 77% statistic is misleading. It's not taking things like this into account. Many stats can be misleading, even the one you just mentioned about less women being promoted. There is likely a simpler cause than discrimination. Like less women simply try to move up because they want to spend more time at home raising their kids.

  • I think in some cases it is, others not. I think the goal should be deep and concise criteria to avoid discrimination. I believe anyone that is certain that it's wholly true or that it isn't is not rational.

  • Huh? Are you Republican?

    • How is that relevant?

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    • Oh, stick it up your ass til you bleed.

      Don't turn this into an insult match or I'll queef your daddy's fetus onto your face.

    • Holy sh*t, she definitely just one with that last comment.

  • Women get payed equally to men, they just might have a harder time getting taken seriously

  • Eh, it's still an issue. Not nearly as big as it used to be, it's almost unnoticeable, but it's still an issue nonetheless that needs to be resolved.

    • Well nothing is perfect. I don't consider something an a nation wide issue if a very small % of companies are doing it. It's just those companies being jerks more or less.

  • republicans live in thier own world that has no global warming and their own math system and oh yeah the world was also made in 7 days just like the bible says

    • What about spelling and punctuation? Are they 'evil republican' traits?

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    • All rep are not religious. I'm rep and I despise religion and the policies it represents like ending abortion and stuff.

      The problem is that all those things really matter little. The economy is our #1 priority.

      The problem with studies on things like global warming is its impossible to determine the cause. The earth goes in climatic cycles anyway. Temps have been rising ever since before humans walked the earth. So its not worth stressing over because we can't change it.

    • okay FYI these guys would only be the extreme end of the spectrum if anything, most republicans probably don't think like that, I hope

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