What are some of the things that you learned on this site that you would normally would not have?

For me I never knew girls cared about how tall a guy is and that there was a different colors to a girls parts . (I know they are all different but I never considered the "color" I guess I don't care about the color I guess)


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  • You never knew girls cared about height? wow.

    I learned ... more women like rough sex then I knew.

    I learned that a lot of women believe guys have FWB because they are 'busy'.

    I learned that some black girls really like white guys.

    I learned that if you're really open and honest about what you want, people who want the same will be drawn to you.

    I learned that a lot of us worry too much about holding on to a person, rather then going for the right relationship and seeing if the person will join us in it.

    I learned that more girls are worried about labia size then I'd have realized.

    I learned that pee and sex are not discussed in cosmo, allegedly

    I learned that a lot of girls will ask for advice about this guy they know without mentioning they slept with him.


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  • when it comes to the sex question peope choose the most obvious answers. And a lot of people comes to GAG for a health check up rather then going to the doctor

  • I learned that girls actually like to suck d*ck and swallow lol

  • Girls are really insecure.

    Girls are more immature than I thought.

    Girls over analyze the smallest things.

  • I learned guys are more OK with abortions then guys are.

  • Some people have asked the stupidest questions...holy crap =___=

  • Guys can be as shy as girls sometimes

    That a lot of guys prefer butt over boobs (if they had to choose one of course)

    What guys think about certain things that girls like to wear

    those are the only I can think of right now lol


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