Do you ever feel guilty for not answering a question?

Sometimes I'll see a question, that I've probably answered like 100 times and just really feel like I can't answer it, or if it's extremely long and I don't really have the time to read it.

Do you ever feel guilty not answering them? I sometimes feel a lot of guilt, I generally always look through the "unanswered" questions mostly.

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  • No. I have other things to worry about besides answering anonymous questions online.


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  • If you can't answer it then what can you do? lol. some of them are just a headache to read and others just don't feel like answering. I feel bad sometimes when I see a question and they really needed help or cheering up and no1 answered although mi advice between the hours of 3-5 am is probably not one that is sane so I try not to answer the more serious ones at those hours. lol. BUT! You know if you don't feel like reading it or if you feel as though you don't have time to answer you can always save those questions in your notebook and read them later. lol

    • Well I mean, sometimes I can answer them, I have an answer that I think is good, but I've just replied to the same question like 100 times that it feels so tiring.

      And yea as you said the ones where they really need cheering up and I can't really think of anyhting to say, those are the worst, I feel really bad sometimes in those situations.

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    • Yea that kind sucks sometimes ^_^

  • I only answer good questions :) I am like the Daniel Day-Lewis of answering questions.

  • Yeah a little bit lol


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