Guy: If you know a girl you like is really mad at you

How long would you give her to cool down? A few days, a couple of weeks? Would you hit her up, or wait for her to talk to you?
What about if you were the one to make her mad? Forgot to put that in there haha.


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  • 1. A woman who's mad is one of the most difficult things to deal with

    2. If she were mad at me, I'd immediately jump into talking to her

    3. If I realize she's too livid then I'd back off and let her cool down for a few hours or a day before I atttempt it agian

    4. If she's still livid then I'd wait for her to cool down and come talking to me (which is when she'll usually let off steam that I'd have to tide through before getting her talking reasonably which generally will be 1st emotional then reasonable)

    5. All the above is for someone who is really close to me

    6. If she were a professional relationship or a casual acquaintance or someone who's just friends reactions and suitable actions will be different depending on who she is.

  • Depends on what she's mad about.

    If it's my bad, then I'll talk to her first within the week.

    If it's her bad, then I'll let her talk to me.


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