Should I go to Anime Con by myself?

I'm planning on going to LA for the Anime Con next summer. I'll be 16 and I'm wondering if I should go alone.

It'll be my first con and I'll be cosplaying. I'm studying up, watching videos about what to expect, what to bring etc. I'm just not sure if I should invite a fellow anime fantic to come with me.

I can definitely protect myself, no question about that, but should a cosplaying 16 year old go to a con alone (including the fact that it'll probably be a big con)

Thanks so much!
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  • Bring your parents to LA with you, but not to the con!
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  • if your issue is a concern for security, at least at the con you have nothing to worry about. I've been to comic con in san diego plenty of times and it's safe and the people are mostly harmless nerds.

    I've been to comic con with friends and by myself and it's pretty boring by yourself.


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  • I remember that on my second (And last) con, I collapsed due to heat exhaustion :O

    Well, when it comes to your first time cosplaying it's always awkward. It'd be easier to do if you had someone with you :P

  • Anime Expo?

    You could go alone, but it would be safer with a friend. But it's still pretty safe in general. Just don't go to anything dark at night alone. And standard kinda rules. Don't accept drinks from others. Don't let your food/drinks get outta sight. Don't go anywhere that's not well populated. But you'll likely be fine. If your parents are OK with it, don't fear. It'll be fun. I always enjoyed going, but I never went alone I went with my ex (who at the time was my girlfriend). I personally don't like doing things alone, but if you don't mind it, go.

    It probably would be safest to bring your parents to LA and then let them do their thing while you're at the con. Cause then you can also have fun going to Disneyland with them and coerce them to pay for stuff :P hah.

    • Oh ya, obviously if you can go with friends, that's the best. But I'd say go in whatever way you can if you really do wanna go.

  • I don't think safety would be a huge issue or anything but it would be fun to share the time with someone you know.


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