Does this mean a guy likes you?

We live in different states so we don't meet that often. Recently I was visiting his city (I was staying at a friend's place). He was moving apartments and packing all day... Anyway in the evening he called me to stay over at his place. It was basically the last night in the old apartment (to which he gave me the keys btw). He was exhausted so he said we might just go to bed. There was no sex, we were just holding our hands and cuddling and talking even though we were very tired.

I think it was kinda cute. We have great sex but also do stuff like watching movies together, cuddling, talking and kissing for hours... We know each other for years but started to hook up just recently. We text each other daily. Do you guys think he might like me?


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  • Sounds to me like he likes you...

    • Thanks... I know we probably started from the wrong direction (sex) but do you think it might eventually evolve to a real relationship? It happened to me once that it worked and I know at least one his past relationships started with sex too... We are kinda in a middle of nowhere right now and I don't know how to approach this, since I suck in talking about emotions etc. I'd tell him I'm in love with him but I desperately don't wanna screw it...

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