How do I get over it?

You see, there is this guy who send me the wrong signals and I thought that he was into me. But now I realize that he never said nothing to me, so he doesn't like me. So, I forget about it.

But when I see him again and he smiles at me, I feel so happy that I recovered some hope on him... But I'm only deluding myself. I feel like a f*ckin psychopath on him and I have been needy, I confess, because I can't get a boyfriend...

The other problem is that I see him during the week, so it gets harder to "forget" him.

What are your tips to help me to let go of this obsessive hope on him? Thanks
Thanks for answering.

For us, girls, it will never going to happen something like approach some guy or ask him out. You can be absolutely sure about it!

I just need to forget him, but its difficult. As I said above, I see him almost every day of the week. So I just needed some tips to go on and pretend that he is just some guy and not someone who I'm attracted to.


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  • yup that's not easy but yet not impossible ^_^

    I've also faced this similar situation. but look at our age..! after a break up ,we think our life is over, but it's just the new beginning we learn from our bad experiences because these things doesn't taught in lectures or in any university , that's how we learn to be better ; further for you, past is like dead person, you can't keep it with you for long time,otherwise it'll stink after some days, same applies to the past, it stinks after time passes if you keep that with you. so better bury it into the ground and forget about that. live and learn , meet new people and have a happy life. good luck :)


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  • You could ask him out. Once. If he refuses, you'll get your vaccination.

    • I can't even talk to him... :(

    • You have to. Otherwise, you're just acting masochistic.

    • @Second update : pretending this is more delusion. Just talk to him and at the end of the chat, ask him if he want to take a coffee after the class. Not the end of the world, you can do it !

  • Of course you're deluding yourself.

    If you absolutely want to be sure you can let go of him? Ask him out, tell him you're into him.

    When he lets you down, you'll be cured.

    • The problem is that he kind of approach me once. So, that gives me hope.

      But when he did it, he didn't said anything. He's an a**hole, isn't it?

    • Just ask him out. You'll be cured.

    • It's difficult to let go now, that's why you have to approach him. Tell him you like him and would like to do something together. If he turns you down, at least you'll know for sure he's not into you.

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