How can I become more cheerful ?!!! :)

ok this question may sound silly or childish , but since I was a child I wanted to be that cool guy who is mostly silent , and has no facial expression at all most of the time like sasuke in naruto (anime) , or hitman (game)

but now I just felt cheerful from that series I was watching , and then I thought , I wanna be like this always !

so I wanna change my style and become a cheerful guy , practically a different person

so how can I start ! :D


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  • Be yourself. I know that's easy to say lol. I also have people I would like to be like.

    It's good to want to become more cheerful though, but don't be fake. You have your own great traits which other people like, but because you're just being yourself, you don't notice them. It's only when others point them out that you will and even then, you're just doing what you feel is normal, so you won't appreciate them. Other people do though.

    My role model is Mother Theresa, but I know I could never be like here. She has inspired me to do some charity work and to have more sympathy for other people though. However, we are all different people and we all have our own role to fulfill. It might even be something indirect and subtle w you will never notice. However, that subtle thing will spark something somewhere or in some person and contribute towards something great.

    Well, that's my own made up belief and I'm rambling!

    But basically, appreciate yourself and only try to copy traits in other people that will benefit the world in some way. Being cheerful is a good trait and will help you and those around you, but realize that your natural personality is important.


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