What is the worst thing that ever happened to you? and that you think things will never get better...

And how did you get over it? not necessary relationship or dating.

for me I have a long list of bad events for the last two years...

ran my car to a gate $15oo.

lost two iPhones $500

$1000. ticket (dont' ask, not drunk...just careless)

now, my car just got stolen

there are a few other things that happened...and happening...but I think you got the idea...

and do you think these things happened for a reason?


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  • Worse- suicidal depression for 3 years straight no friends or support had to deal with it my self and work hard to hide it,(no one wants to be around a depressed person)

    Honestly belief that I would go to hell and be tortured forever kept me alive lol not really religious anymore but it was useful for surviving

    Getting over it just think about how much worse things could be and use your imagination, "could be getting gangbanged in Somalia". stolen car isn't so bad

    • if it was just the above, I can deal...worse that I am dealing with...

      those were 20% of the stress..

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    • exactly where I am .. too nice, how did you make such change and realization

      good job with the 6 pack :)

    • Thx

      Honestly it was trail and error for me which is why it was so hard and 3 years long. But I learned a lot from failing so it was worth it

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  • raped by my father, scarred for life don't think ill ever get over it...!

    • did you tell anyone?

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    • how are you managing to keep busy? work, school? and how do you cope with stress? church, friends, wiring journal?

    • mainly work and hobbies keep me busy

      i don't cope with stress very well, get stressed out very easily. but I find going to the beach(or just being in nature) helps to relax my nerves :)

  • Umm not going to playcollege football, going from being a ladies man well not a ladies man I'm kind of shy but having a lot of girls chasing me to a video game nerd and then seing someone You played football with in high school make it to the pro's that you were better than and not knowing where you're gonna go with your life from here lol. Don't know if I'm ever going to get over it :/


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