If you were famous??

Would it bother you that you're an adult and all your fans were kids or preteens?


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  • I would feel like my work isn't being taken seriously, mostly because I would be working in dark comedies or adult drama, not Disney channel or Nickelodeon.

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    • I imagine this guy shouting at his teenage fans:

      "Wth.. where's your mama?!"

    • Hahaha! I would do that and then I would ask my agent "they do know this movie is banned in 8 countries right including Canada"?

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  • Fans would only encourage you to do your best, support you and that's it,

    why would I be bothered?! ^-^

    • If you're a 24 year old performer and your fans are kids that wouldn't be a issue for you? I would think you want people your own age or older to like it. lol. But I guess you wouldn't care since you might feel as though fans are fans. XD

    • Yup exactly.

      And it depends on what I perform,

      if it was a music for example a music for teenagers,

      then it's natural that my fans would be teenagers

      but if my music is for adults,

      then of course my fans would be adults + maybe teenagers too. lol

      But I don't think I would be bothered.

      Famous people just need as many fans as possible

      to make their business succeed.

  • Depends on what I did. If I write children's books it would make my day :)

    If I was an actor (and had been type cast to the 'fool') then I would be very angry.

    If I was a musician and happened to be a young adult then I wouldn't mind because it would be my own fault that the type of music I make draws in kids and preteens..if I want a more mature audience I should make more mature music.

    All in all it truly depends.


    But going by my view point as of today..I would be disappointed.

  • It would confuse me because they would not be my target demographic. I would have to seriously re-assess the artistic validity of whatever it was that made me famous.

  • Yes. It would probably have to do with why your famous? Like if you were the guy from blues clues or something.

  • no not at all, the fans make you famous and give you the ability to do what you love to do. And kids and teens are the most devoted fans you can have

  • No big deal - fame = lots of money, although.. it would feel kinda weird, I don't wanna be some kind of Justin Bieber!

  • Depends on how much money you make off of them


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