My boyfriend was just deployed to Afghanistan and his birthday is coming up

I don't know what to get him for his birthday and he won't tell me! But I still want to send him something special so it can make him feel better being in a crazy place like that and so it can make his birthday a little more special :)


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  • You could make a videotapemessage? Just wish him a happy birthday, that you miss him, a lot of sweet stuff, tell him how your day was, how it's weird without having him around, ...

    Make it something personal. Not a lame card with your name on it. When he's in Afghanistan, the last thing that's on his mind will be a birthdaycard.

    You could plan something for when he's back (if you know when he's coming back and if it isn't a year later or something).

    • That's the thing, he's going to be there for 8 months and when he comes back its going to be a few months away from his next birthday, but I think that is a good idea to send him a video message, thank you :)

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