I need an unbiased opinion: Is he interested?

I know that no one is really going to be able to tell from me just describing his actions, but he's a coworker of mine and I would kind of like to know what someone from the outside thinks.

So because he's a coworker, he isn't straight out there I like you, but he does touch my arm a lot when he's talking to me. He has asked me a couple times in some round about way whether or not I had a boyfriend, like if I was going out on a date that night cause I was all dressed up, and I catch him staring at me while I'm working, although that may just be all in my head. I don't know. He's always very chivalrous, opening doors for me and even going into a diatribe one time about how all those other guys these days don't know what the word "chivalry" means.

I really think he's sweet and funny and a very nice guy, but this kind of behavior is on and off. Some days, for like weeks in row, he'll be like this and then randomly he ignores me for a few days and it starts back over again. I'm a bit confused. Please help.


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  • I think he maybe does. I've never had a guy ask me (even in a roundabout way) if I had a boyfriend if he wasn't interested. In terms of off and on behavior, we all have weird days or go through stretches where we have other stuff on our minds.


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