Confused please help!

The other day I told my boyfriend that I am falling for him hard. He said okay is there anything else you want to add, I said no. All he said was he cares for me a lot too.

Then a week ago, when we were at the movies and the topic love came up in it. My boyfriend just looked over at me which was weird. We were having a conversation and I said something about his last name along with it being freakishly long. Then he said I wonder what your name would sound like with my last name and he said it twice. Later he said you should say it.

Questions: What would all this mean? I cannot tell if he just likes me or if he is just hiding his feelings but the way his actions are. When it comes to all everything I said does that show that he just likes me a lot or could he possibly love me?


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  • think too much. brain hurts. bad brain. bad.


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