How come Europeans hate American people so much just woundering why?

i know we are not perfect no one is and yes there are Americans that shoot off the mouth but the same can be said for people over there and so on. I am an American I don't hate any one I feel that we have the right to live the I want to live just like you over there. and no I am not a dumb American were all not as dumb as ever one thinks we are

i am just going by what I see on TV and what I read online


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  • -you're perceived as ignorant, uncultured and arrogant.

    -you like to point out how you saved Europe in WWII and rub it their faces to which many Europeans would reply "where were in the beginning while we were all dying?"

    -you're a very insular country with little knowledge of the outside world and xenophobic, aggressive foreign policies.

    -you have a tendency to speak for the whole "free world" without consulting any of us how we feel about that or if we actually agree with your stance.

    -You assume you are the pinnacle of civilisation and that we are all gagging to move to your country,

    -your culture is seen as non existent unless you count fast food and consumerism.

    • r you talking about the American government or the everyday pple that you have never met?

    • wow this is a little biased cause I'm pretty sure that that is our government not us

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  • It's a stereotype on both ends. Not all Europeans hate Americans and not all Americans act the way they are stereotyped to be. Both are mainly consequences of the media.

    Example #1: "i am just going by what I see on TV and what I read online"

  • this is why I keep my ass in the States.

    they don't know us or want to know us...the everyday day people who has no power or influence to what goes on in other places, I am referring to.

    i know what kind of person I am so its all amusing to me

  • bwahahhaahahah my boyfriend is European.I am Jamaican. I asked him and he said because something is wrong with everyone one on that continent and that Americans are vulgar and crazy. I don't get it either. lol I am Jamaican everyone hates us so don't feel bad lol

  • F*** what Europeans think, especially Eastern Europeans. I'm more worried about why Canadians hate us...I don't hate Canadians so why should they hate me?

  • I don't hate American people or I wouldn't be working for Gag.

    I don't tink so many European people hate American people.

    "i am just going by what I see on TV and what I read online"

    Nuff said...

  • American people are arrogant and destroyed western culture and are very fat people. That's why we don't like you. And not to mention you started a senseless war in the Middle East.

    • Ya we started a war but who was it that killed 3000+ people in one day were we just to stand by OK lets forget about it and move on.

      we did NOT destroy western culture we have are own culture and from were ever it is your from I am sure its been inported and inbraceed here

      and as for being fat are culture is we get from 3 to 4 am in morning and don't get home till 5 or 6 or even 7 we are over weight and I am what you call fat and I am working really hard to fix it

      and most ot us are not

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    • we are not all arrogant if you would like to learn more about us pick up a US histry book and I will not lie to you we HAVE made are mistakes

    • G-daz was that me or the answerer there are some over there that would

  • I don't hate you, I have a lot of friends from the U. S. But Americans seem to live in some delusion that everyone wants to move over there, which is arrogant and untrue, and also think they're the freest country in the world, and they're not.

  • Americans are arrogant, and can't make a difference between eastern and western Europe. They also think everything was invented by Americans, and use the words " because it's not good for you" too damn often.

    Hello, from Europe, suckers. :)

    • what is not good for you, we did not invent everything

    • Americans are a**holes. OK, then just the republican ones. but still, half of the population.

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