Guys: If you are/were unemployed, would you mind a woman paying your share when you went places?

Would you rather cancel the outting or take a raincheck if you didn't have the funds to go out yet she offered to pay your way ( and anything extra)?

If you were with her would you feel bad around other men whom may be employed?

Knowing deep down that your money is a great bit funny, how does it feel to have her do this?

Would you only allow it to go on for so long or would you just close up from her slowly because you don't want her to know that you 'maybe' feel incompetent?
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  • I wouldn't mind
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  • I would only allow it to happen for so long
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  • I would allow it but she would have to ensure me that she fully understands my situation
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  • I'm nosy and wanted to see the poll results. :)
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  • I am currently unemployed and it's a tie between C and D but I picked C because I would feel guilty for someone else paying my way too often.

    even though I hate my situation I don't have bad feelings around other people who have jobs I just wish I could get one.

    it feels like I'm using her for her money which male or female I think is wrong for any relationship and I would try my best to make it up to her by cooking at home or something.

    after a while I would feel like I'm the traditional "wife" in the relationship which is OK temporary but long term I would have to do something with myself to either A get some income and or B feel less guilty by doing more around the house.

    my current goals are to find a full time job 30+ hours a week if I can and than save up for my own place so looking for a girl friend is quite low on my bucket list.

    however if a girl comes along and makes the first move I'll be glad to go out with her.


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  • I would mind, even if it wasn't my girlfriend but like a friend. A guy I know lives off of his girlfriend and it's an embarrassment. I would rather flip burgers than have to let someone pay for me. If I do have my own money they may pay for me, no problem, I just don't want to be dependant.

  • i chose for my boyfriend which was A.

    he dosnt like it but he paid for 80% of everything and now that he was broke for so long and now he only got a part timer I pay most of time. he dosnt like it but we been together for 8 years and he kinda have no choice. the money he does get go straight to bills but I ensure him that we can work together.

    • That's great! Keep chuggin'

    • we chugging for pennies lol

    • Wow lol well as long as you got each other making ends meet and have a course of action to make more things should get better.

  • I'd both mind and wouldn't mind. Not mind that it's a woman doing it, mind that I couldn't do my share of things. But I'd understand cause if it was reversed I'd do the same for her. But I would rather be with her and let her pay than to not be with her for some stupid outdated thing like the man has to always pay or whatnot.

  • The only way I would do that is if I forgot my wallet.Even if I could only pay my way I would never expect anyone to pay my way.I am old school with this kind of stuff.Now if we had been dating for a long time and she wanted to take me out then sure I would.Other wise I would feel like a bum.That is why I try to find stuff that is free.Or excessively cheep.Because I am jobless lol

  • You have not explained the situation.

    For me, I would not go out. If you understood we could do things that cost nothing or little.

    Now if you have been going out for a while, that may be different.

    One thing you did not mention, are you an aggressive woman who is proving how much you want to be with a man by not accepting "no" for an answer? If you are that is a different story and can be a nice flirt.

    Good luck.

    • For a good bit I am but it would only happen for so long, and if I saw where he wasn't trying and taking action then I would be through.

      Hypothetically speaking though, 'if' there was any activity or thing we were to do where you had to pay, I wouldn't mind. Not necessarily that we 'have' to do anything that involves money but that if it did I would be willing to pay.

  • I wouldn't be dating if I didn't have funds available. It would be humiliating, and I would feel like a bum.

  • yes indeed! makes me feel like a sugar baby, or a momma's boy

  • I don't pay for my boyfriend most of the time, or very often at all, really, but every now and then, he'll let me pay just because I ask him if I can. At the least, he'll let me pay for myself, but I like it when he lets me pay for the both of us.

    I understand a guy wanting to pay for himself, or for both him and the girl--and I really do love that, too. It makes me feel taken care of, appreciated, and feminine.

    At the same time, I also want him to know that I want to help take care of him, too, and that I don't just expect it of him and am using him to get free meals all the time. That's from a girl's point of view, at least.

    • I like the idea at least after the first 3 or 4 dates that both people who are going out pay 50/50

    • I don't know... When that happens, it seems so cold and distant. Like, you take care of you. I'll take care of me. No sharing. No taking care of each other. I like taking turns. :)

  • I would only allow it once I'm not that kind of person. I'll just look for another job

  • No way...If I cannot pay I won't go out!

  • Girls are nosy !

  • So sadly every date I have been on that required someone to pay I always had to pay because somehow I hook up with losers that dnt have jobs or say they don't have money, I'm sick of it so I just quit dating.

    • exactly one reason I would rather a full time job before looking for a girl friend. I feel like a bum as it is I don't want to be a mooch too.

  • If a guy was unemployed, most wouldn't have a woman in their life. You know how girls are, don't you?

    • I can agree to an extent.

    • I'd have to agree with anonymous but not for the reason he gave. For me, I want to have something to bring to the relationship, I'd like to take my girl out and do things with her ... and that takes money.

    • Yeah Johnny, you're right, everything isn't going to be free...esp gas.

  • I'm employed and I prefer she pay.

    • i think it's funny that this person choose to be anon. hehe

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    • My DAD taught me growing up that I should date a gentleman... who opens doors, offers his jacket, and yes--offers to pay.

  • My ego won't allow that to happen. I"d find money one way or another. I'd rather borrow it from a friend . The only way she can pay for me is if I was already with her for a long time.


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