When you think of a man or women who is successful

what makes them successful?

What qualities/achievements do they possess?


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  • I don't judge people on how succesful they are or arent... For all I know homeless people might be more sucessfull than Bill Gates because they enjoy their lives more than Bill Gates enjoys his. Success should not be about how good your job is, how much money you make, how hot your significant other is etc... but rather how you feel about how you've done in the world


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  • Are they within their desired career field, or aggressively studying/applying to get in. For younger people, I give them points for the drive because any career worth having is typically not easy to get into.

    Are they where they want to be personally-and this one encompasses a lot of ground. Are they doing what they want to do in their spare time, are they enjoying the things they do, are they surrounded by people they feel add to their happiness/sense of being.

    Do they still have goals they are going after...these three things tend to separate the successful from the unsuccessful.

  • They figured their life out and accomplished whatever their aspirations are. They know what their future has in store for them. They have stability.

    If they want to have a family, then they at least found their soul mate.

    If they want an aspiring career, then they at least finished a degree that will get them there.

    If they want a lot of money, then at least they started saving to get there.

    They know what they want in their lives and are working to get there if they are not there yet.

    They are not waiting to let life happen to them; they take action and make their future what they want it to be.

    They don't complain about their problems; they whatever they need to do to solve them.

    They fully appreciate Gandhi's famous words; "Be the change you want to see in this world."

    Most importantly I say again:

    They figured out what they want to do with their lives.

  • Define "successful" please.

    • Success is partly dependent on the motivation to do something. Success is the result of that motivation

  • success comes from:

    1. integrity - having values and acting upon them

    2. curiosity - seeking knowledge and continuous improvement

    3. grit - persisting toward goals no matter what the opposition

    4. self-discipline and reflection - understanding your weaknesses and strengths and surrounding yourself with those who cover your weaknesses

    5. communication - being able to sell yourself and communicate effective with others, also has to be respectful.


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