Best drunk/high stories?

Best drunk/high stories?


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  • Hmmm... I guess I could give you one. It was the first Friday night of my freshman year of high school. My brother, 3 friends, and I were throwing a keg party to start the year off right. =P We had a homeless guy rent out the women's club which was like a banquet hall sort of thing. Hired a DJ, got 5 kegs of beer, and told everyone at three different schools about the party. Every thing was going good, the party was great, tons of hot girls, lots of booze, and great music. There must of been over 1000 people there, because I had stacks of cash in my pocket for entry fees. =D Anyway, after the 3rd keg ran out, me and Billy went out to parking lot to bring in another. Then I see a window shatter in the distance back in the building. I'm like WTF?!?!?! I go running back to the party and as I approach the front door a 40 bottle fly past my head and misses me by a few inches shattering behind me. People start running out all of the exits in a panic, I push my way in the door, and my brother is standing on the DJ table yelling, the DJ is panicking trying to get his gear out of there, tons of people are fighting, glass is shattering all over the place, then one of the guys goes and calls the cops. Like 50 squad cars show up in riot gear. It was in the news papers link =P Anyway, when all the dust had settled 50 people went to jail, there was broken glass every where, and few tables were snapped in half, bent chairs that had been used to hit others over the head, and there were foot prints on the ceiling somehow. O_O *smh* =P So... Since we didn't sign the papers to rent the place we were not legal responsible, none of us went to jail or got sued. We spent a few hours cleaning up the place, then went to Denny's ate breakfast, and split up the money over conversation and a few cigarettes. I think the next day was when we got plastered on the remaining kegs with friends and went on this epic canoe trip and bridge jumping adventure. Man those were fun times. =D

    • WOW. I remember going to my 1st day of class as a freshman hung over. I remember getting a homeless guy to buy us beers but nothing as amazing as your story.

    • lol, yep I had a lot of fun when I was younger. =D

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  • one night I invited somefriends at my place for vodka shots and the last thing I remember is closing the door at my place, the whole night is a blank, and I woke up in a hospital with heart rate monitors attached to my chest and other wires and stuff beeping around me, scared as f*** :P and I didn't puke xD epic win

  • Suicide girls? Really?


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