Any medical students/professionals able to help? Does this medical report mean that my mum is dying?:(:(:(

U/S Abdomen was done showing bilateral hydronephrosis with renal calculi and a possible ovarian teratoma.

CTAP was done showing

(1)A 7mm VUJ stone causing upstream severe hydroureteronephrosis and delayed enhancement and excretion of the left kidney.Superimposed ureteritis is suspected and correlation with serum and urine biochemistry is suggested.

(2)Severe right hydronephrosis associated with cortical loss is probably chronic.Several right lower pole stones are noted.The cause is not shown on the current CT as a delayed scan to opacity the ureter was not done.

(3)Large teratoma in the left adnexa with no CT evidence of torsion.The right ovary is not confidently identified.

(4)Bulky uterus,likely enlarged by fibroids.

(5)Uncomplicated cholelithiasis.

Impression is that the left sided teratoma is causing hydronephrosis of the left kidney.She was also referred to Uro for the renal calculi with hydronephrosis who suggested laser lithotripsy during the same sitting as removal of the ovarian tumour if patient wants surgery.Uro suggests to refer to Uro at KKH if pt is for surgery.
What does the above medical report mean?I would be so grateful to you for helpping.The best answer would be selected.Thanks a million!
Does the above medical report mean that my mum's tumour is cancerous?One doctor said that it is cancerous while the other doctor said there is no urgency.I am totally confused!what is a teratoma?cancerous or not cancerous?
I appreciate jacquesvol's answer too.

You guys are really great and explain things in a much easier to understand way than my mum's doctors.So glad that I have found this site.:)


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  • For someone with lower abdominal pain, workout includes an ultrasound and a CT.

    On the left, there recent swelling of the kidney due to some swelling of the ureter, caused by a possible combination of a ureter stone incompletely blocking it and compression from the outside by an ovarian teratoma (typically noncancerous).

    On the right, there is long-standing swelling of the kidney with some old damage, cause is not clear because they didn't check the emptying of that ureter and they weren't able to see the right ovary.

    She also has gallstones (common in women over 40) which don't seem to be causing her the pain (no swelling of gallbladder or bile ducts were noted). The enlarged uterus (likely to be caused by fibroids, noncancerous growths, in older women) was not noted to be compressing the ureter (this can happen so they need to look for it).

    Treatment is to use sonic waves to break the stone in the left ureter to bits, and in the same surgery (if it's okay with your mom) they want to completely cut out the teratoma to relieve the ureter of compression, and also to take a look and make sure the tumor hasn't spread (10% chance, so unlikely) and to biopsy the tumor and see it's potential to be dangerous or not.

    They will want to follow up with her after removing the tumor to see if it comes back at all (blood tests and imaging) for some time before she is in the clear.

    Hope this helps!


    • Wow,you made everything so easy to understand,kind soul.How I wish the doctors here can explain things in simple terms like you do.This world need more people like you.

      Is sonic waves the same as laser and is it painful to remove the stones?How serious is 7mm and how many mm would cause complete blockage?Thanks again!

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    • Typically these tumors (noncancerous tumors of the ovary) are removed laparoscopically (very tiny incision in the abdomen and vagina for robot arm that removes pieces of tumor and for the camera, quick recovery time). Other surgeon’s may choose to perform “open surgery” (laparotomy) requiring a significant abdominal incision. Please ask your surgeon what they will be doing so that you and your mother may have peace of mind. Good luck and thanks for the compliments :-)

    • Ok,thank you so much! :)

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  • It means that the kidney stones are blocking the flow of urine from the kidneys to the bladder for excretion. The obstructions (stones) need to be removed or kidney failure could occur landing her on a dialysis regime. There is also mention of a possible tumor in the right ovary.

    • Ooh look at you clever bum... this is a good question for me in terms of I gtta learn all these funny biological words.

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    • One strange thing is that she is always peeing a lot each time even though all the doctors said that there is blockage of the flow of urine.How is that possible?

    • I'd guess it's a partial blockage, thus why she hasn't had kidney failure yet. Her doctors probably told her to drink lots of water to try and flush the kidney stones out. If you drink a lot, you're going to have to pee a lot.

  • For now, according to the information posted here, your mom isn't dying. However, anything can exacerbate hydronephrosis (problems with the kidneys). It appears that the doctors have caught it early, so worst case scenario, she'll need a kidney transplant. Best case scenario, she'll be just fine.

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  • Your mom is fine for the most part. She has a tumor/growth (teratoma, not necessarily cancerous) as well as kidney stones which is causing her kidneys to swell due to backed up urine. Swelling in the kidneys can cause damage over prolonged periods of time, she will need surgery to remove the stones and tumor. Whether or not the tumor is cancerous is till unknown, they needto do a biopsy. At any rate they will have to do surgery to take it out, chemotherapy and other drugs only if the tumor is malignant and the cancer spreads. Don't worry, at the moment nothing is really dangerously serious. You'll have to wait until more doctors can confirm whether the tumor is cancerous or not. Your mom and you are in my prayers Petite, hang in there :)

    • Thanks so much for the favour. :)

      ''You mum and you are in my prayers''- - Feel so good to hear this.How I wish all my friends in real life would say the same thing to me.Are you a Christian?

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    • Thanks for all the kind words :) I've seen the world get worse over the years, yet religion gets more prominent. Thousands of innocent people have died in the name of religion and politics in the middle east, yet it gets worse. People die everyday from not having enough to eat and disease, kids take their lives because of bullying and abuse, many women go through abuse in their lives yet tell no one, and yet millions are spent building a three story mega church in some state here in the US.

    • It seems religion is more concerned about gathering people to their respective sides as if all the religions are set to fight one day. That's not what religion is no matter what you believe. I think all religions are to blame, not just one specific one. It's sad really, religion and politics become more and more similar as time goes on.

  • She has fairly severe kidney stones causing various kidney complications. An ovarian tumor is also possibly causing malfunction of one kidney, I don't believe doctors can say for sure if a tumor there is cancerous or not until they biopsy it and probably they should take it out, although the report says that surgery is only an option for yur mom; they must not think it is likely cancerous.

    I'm not a doctor, but I read this as saying yo urmom needs fairly minor surgery for kidney stones; there's nothing life threatening going on.

  • Jacquesvol is of course right, but I'm just giving you knowledge to the best of my abilities from my admittedly so-far limited experience in medical school. Take my interpretation with a grain of salt; as always, consult with the doctors that know your mom's case.

  • No, she's not dying, but it's best to get those things out right away so that there are no complications that arise from that. To be honest, I'd need more info on what's been happening to her. But from what you've given me, it looks like she's getting surgery to take all that stuff out.

    Basically she has some kidney stones that need to be taken out and a possible ovarian tumor that also needs to be taken out before it spreads.

    • She was admitted to a general hospital a month ago because of great abdominal point,breathlessness and pain near the left kidney.The doctor said she had urinary tract infection and gave her antibiotics and she was hospitalised for 3 days.

      The doctor at the general hospital then referred her to a gynae at a women's hospital and the above is a medical report for me to bring to the women's hospital to show the gynae there.

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    • One strange thing is that she still pees a lot each time even though the doctors all said that there is a blockage of the flow of urine.How is that possible?

    • it's not a complete blockage. The report says it's 7 mm, so urine can still flow.

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