Need educational/career advice. Please help.

I’m majoring in biological sciences. I’m not very good at it but find it interesting, and it’s the easiest natural science for me. I also can’t think any other majors that would fit me. But I devote 2-3 times more effort and hours in studying compared to my peers. I’m somewhat concerned about this.

Mentally, I am a slow thinker, have a speech impediment, and have a relatively poor memory. One IQ test showed that my overall IQ is 'average,' while another IQ test said I am 'above average.' I am naturally reserved but can be more extroverted or interpersonal if needed. I also find philosophy and religious studies courses interesting and am able to think through most of the subject matter with relative ease; however, my retention of the information and ideas is my weakness due to my poor memory.

Physically, I have a frail body, due to unstable shoulders, one of which is surgically repaired while the other awaits it, and a hypersensitive immune system. I considered the military or being a truck driver, but these ailments would prevent me from succeeding, and my hand-eye coordination and visual-spatial skills aren’t that special either.

I’m average or below average in other fields. I’m not that artistic, musical, athletic, or business minded. People say everyone is good at something. Is this true? If it is, then I’m still trying to figure out what I’m good at. :/ Sometimes I feel incompetent and lost. :(

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I appreciate any help.

I also took various career assessments, which said I was geared towards accounting. But I audited an accounting course and completed some tutorials and found out it wasn't for me.


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  • I totally agree with everyone else. Everyone is good at something and you shud major in something you are good at and is very interesting to you. Nothing in life comes easy so it may require a little more studying from you, but it will all pay off in the end...

    Also, please make sure Biological Sciences is what you really want to major in. It is a very general degree that doesn't specialize in one specific thing. Since most pre-med, pre-dental and pre-nursing students earn this same degree there are a lot of people out there with that same degree..

    Take it from someone who also majored in Biological Sciences, unless you live in a heavily populated city with a greater than average job outlook it will be very hard to find a good paying job unless you pursue a post bacc program. I am currently getting my masters in Biomedical Sciences and everything I learned (and put extra hours into studying) in undergrad is paying off...

    At the University I attended for undergrad, there was dept called "Career Services" they specialized in helping students find the perfect major for the career path they want to take. You should research your college/ univeristy's departments and see if they offer something similar... If not there are personality tests that could help you with your decision. The Myer's Briggs test is one of them...

    Hope this helps


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  • ur concern of your job and future can show that your a good man and want to do sth useful.from your description I think your not very confident of what job you could do in the know your young enough to make mistakes and change your decision of your I think you should do whatever you like and never think of others and don't mind to retry and this way you can finally find the things you really want to do and not regret.hope I helped:)


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