How many Indian subcontinentals are on this site?

both men and women

This includes bangladeshis, pakistanis + afghan, nepalis + bhutanese, sri lankans, Indians

I'm Indian myself but I see a lot of questions about Indians.
  • India
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  • Afghanistan+pakistan
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  • Bangladesh
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  • Nepal+bhutan
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  • Sri lanka
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  • (This is gonna sound racist probably, but I don't mean it that way)

    Probably too many, given that the majority of the users are American, and the cultural differences between the two regions make advice giving a dodgy prospect at best, and an impossible one at worst.

    I've lost track of how many Indian guys approach girls and relationships in a manner that, frankly just baffles me as a Westerner. Things like - asking a girl to marry you when you aren't even dating her.

    Maybe that's culturally normal in the Indian sub-continant, but it would be considered a sign of insanity in America.

    • I actually have not seen the marry thing even in india. I think they're trying something to get with desperate girls for a greencard or something. But I was talking about Indians + Indian Americans. So, how is it too many if the majority are American? I'm American btw.

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  • I'm Indian, but I was born in the UK

  • wish there was a "see results" :(


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