How do you feel after sleeping with girl/boy?

Ok. here is one question for guys/girls. How do you feel after doing s e x (Just after ejac ul at ion) ? Do you feel like this is the most worst girl/boy, and I have to leave this room right now within a second ? or like why did you do sex with this girl/boy? something like that bad feeling?

n you just left the room anyhow by telling some lies?

Did these things happen to you people?
If such things happen, what it means ? Is this kind of mental disorder I have?


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  • I stretch and purr like a happy cat and kiss the guy full on the lips, rub his tight little a$$ and hop out to the shower because we've made each other sweat like a couple of animals in heat. It's five seconds of happy post-loving and there's a serious post-f glow on me for the rest of the day that makes the guy do/say silly stuff ("Hmm, you look pretty today" or drop his jaw when I bend over for something). If it was a really world-class fing, guys who pass by seem to smile more or be more helpful, somehow. Not sure why, but it's kind of funny.


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  • hii, there...

    well, for me, it varies based on how I feel about the guy. the guy that I most commonly have sex with is someone that I've been I love with and in an on-again-off-again relationship for about a year and a half now; he was the very first person that I ever had sex with. soo, obviously, whenever I have sex with him, I''m thinking something along the lines of, "ohh, my God, I love this guy so muchh; he is so amazing; I can't believe I'm lucky enough to be having sex with him; I can't wait to do it again; he looks so sexii before, during, and after; he's my world; ohh, my God, I love him!"

    the second guy that I had sex with was just a was basically just kind of a random, out-of-the-blue kind of thing, soo, I wasn't really sure what to feel about that one.

    the third guy was basically an attempt to get back at the guy that I'm on-again-off-again with; I felt horrible about that. the fourth one was the same deal...we BOTH felt awful about that one. the fifth was a friend who basically just needed to be distracted from a recent break-up, and I had mixed emotions about that. the sixth guy was about like the second one.

    i've never thought anything totally HORRIBLE about any of the guys I've done it with (except for the third one). buuut, there have been a lot of times that I've had sex and really wish that I hadn't...

    • Is it like "What's your number" kind of stuff with you ?

  • It depends on why I had sex with him. I'm 30, so I've had sex for several reasons in my life.

    If it was because I have feelings for him and he has feelings for me, I feel good. If it was because I had feelings for him and he doesn't feel them for me, I feel needy. If it was because I was feeling bad about myself and I wanted an ego boost, I feel kinda dirty and guilty.

    If it was because he manipulated me into it or I did it for any other reason than actively and enthusiastically wanting to have sex with him, I feel horrible and disgusted and want to go away from him.


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