Which of these puzzles is your favorite?

Just curious to see what everyone's favorite kind of puzzle is. I've always loved jigsaw puzzles, especially the ones with like 1000 pieces, but lately I started playing sudoku and it's real addicting.

Also how often do you do these kinds of puzzles?

Okay and after typing puzzle so much, it's starting to sound like a really weird word...
  • Word searches
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  • Crossword puzzles
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  • Sudoku
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  • Jigsaw puzzles
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  • My favorite isn't here (so I'll tell you what it is and why it's so great!)
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Okay so I guess I wasn't really clear enough, by puzzles I meant like "traditional" puzzles, not electronic ones or "apps" or anything... but I guess if you don't play them then that's that :T

Haven't you ever had a little booklet of word searches or anything? Alas...


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  • I probably play Sudoku the most from your choices. I use to at least do one Sudoku puzzle every morning or play a game of chess just to kind of keep mental focus. Jigsaw are fun to do with other people. It's fun to solve a Rubix cube in under a minute when it's been sitting on someone's shelf for like 10 years unfinished. =P I also think the Japanese/Chinese wood puzzle boxes are interesting.


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  • I've heard so much about Sudoku, but never tried it. How is it played? At the moment I'm a tablet fool, I can't keep away from "Where's my water?" game and other versions of it. I just love that Croc dancing in his bath tub when he gets his water.

    • Well it's a number game, there are 9 boxes divided up into 9 boxes each, and some numbers are already put in place, but for the most part you have to fill all the rest of the spaces in... and you have to fill them in so that each big box is filled with only the numbers one - 9, and each individual line made up of the smaller boxes can only have the numbers one - 9 too. Sort of hard to explain but yeah. It can get a bit tricky but it really makes you think.

    • i'll google it :P , but I like playing cross puzzles and word searches

  • i've spent a good portion of my time doing all of them,and solving a rubik's cube,but I can't say I enjoy any of them,i only enjoy them and I only do them because I find them fun in a ''pleasing my asperger's'' way.

  • Crosswords! I love language, so I enjoy it (so long as it's not about popculture, cos I suck at that).

  • I prefer video game puzzles like stuff in Zelda and stuff similar to that, but out of the 4 I'd say it goes in this order:

    Word Search

    Jigsaw Puzzle



    • Oh well yeah I mean video games are hard to beat when it comes to entertainment.

    • You can definitely say that again.

  • Jigsaw puzzles take up way too much time and space, and tend to get eaten by pets...

    Word searches are for little children.

    Logic puzzles like Sudoku are fun for a while (I prefer Sujiko, Yajilin, etc), but they're always solved in exactly the same way, so they get really tedious, really fast.

    Crosswords are probably my favourite. Good cryptic crosswords are the best, but they can be difficult if you don't always read the same newspaper, as each one has their own particular tricks to solving.

    I know you said no video games, but I still think "Mole Mania" (a variant of sokoban) on the gameboy is the best puzzle game ever :)

  • I love word searches!

  • I like any games that involve words...

  • I like Sudoku. It's quick and mildly challenging.


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