What's cookin good lookin'?

I'm having some friends over for some home-made pizza, everything made from scratch ...one of my specialties.

Any cooks in the house?


and btw: women who can cook are HOT, and I'm sure women feel the same way about guys who can cook


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  • Yes! I love cooking. I've made pizza from scratch before, but it's been a very long time. I want to do it again. I make really good lasagna too. Soon, I want to learn eggs benedict.

    I can also do...

    ...burgers from scratch.

    ...pancakes from scratch.

    ...egg souffle.

    ...milk shakes.

    ...nacho dip.

    ...crab legs (kind of. I'm working on it).

    ...sausage ziti (it's been a while, though).

    ...omlettes (spelling?).

    I'm sure there are other things, but I can't remember what they are :P


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  • I consider myself more of a baker but I do love to cook:) for dinner though I ate out tonight. I had chilis cajun chicken Pasta with extra tomatoes. Mmmm it was yummy!

  • is the pope catholic? can the gun shoot bullits? is water wet? ofcourse I can cook I have done so since I was around 8. I'm a good cook but an awful baker, but that's beside the point.

    • only because you're italian. I'll make the bread and you top it as you deem fit.

    • yea, not many italians bake anyway. most of our baked goods aren't all that good

  • Yup I make a pretty mean seafood and pasta dishes. I also love rice :D

  • I'm eating junk food tonight as well... Just made chicken nuggets from chicken breast cubed and dredged in flower and spices, and frozen french fries. Pizza is easy to make, but getting a good crust is challenging without the right kind of oven.

  • i can cook but I hate doing it.

    • lol ya I know what you mean, somedays I just wanna eat a meal bar and call it quits. but I don't know, for me it's like art and I lose myself in it, I very much enjoy it if I'm in the right mood :-)

    • my boyfriend can't cook so I promised to never let him go hungry if he just cleaned the dishes afterward, he agreed. but ima teach him how to cook regardless

  • My husband makes a good home made pizza, love it.

  • i LOVE to cook!

    some of my specialties:


    rolled stuffed flank steak

    mayberry chicken

    hawaiian chicken

    stir fry


    egg plant parm

    blackened tuna

    bacon wrapped dolphin


    key lime pie

    chocolate chocolate cake

    cookies of all kinds

    cream cheese filled pumpkin muffins


    • yes, yes, and yes

      ... except for the bacon wrapped dolphin, they are too intelligent and cute to eat

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    • oh lol, never had it my mistake. you have a nice variety going. I'd like to try the cream cheese filled pumpkin mufins, sounds fantastic!

    • all good lol :D

      the pumpkin muffins are one of my fave things to bake this time of year!

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