Does he want to be in a relationship with me?

So there is this one guy that likes me and I like him but we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend. So I told him that my friends said that they wish they could have a guy like him. And he said that I haven't gotten him yet. So I'm confused. What does he mean by that. Also does he want to be in a relationship with me? Thank you


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  • When a girl likes a guy, she almost always wants to be in a relationship with him. Women are drawn to relationships and the stability and security that brings, and so they often assume that guys work the same way. They don't.

    When a guy likes a girl, it means he almost always wants to have sex with her. In *some* cases, IF he's open to being in a relationship in general (and many guys aren't, regardless of the girl or his feelings for her), and IF he has feelings for the particular girl, then he may want to also be in a relationship with her, but that's FAR from being automatic, or the "default" choice.

    Many, many guys will be interested in you, and even like you and enjoy your company and wants to be your friend, and may even enjoy cuddling with you and doing "relationship stuff", but none of that is any guarantee that he wants to be in a relationship. I know that's hard for you to understand, but you MUST learn to accept that, or you'll end up getting played a lot.

    Since a relationship is what you want, you must make that crystal clear to the guys you date at the very beginning. "Just FYI, I'm only looking to be in an official, monogamous relationship, and I don't have sex outside of relationships. What are you looking for?" Find out the answer to that question before you let yourself get attached, because most of the guys who just want sex are going to disappear pretty quickly once you tell them this. And you have to realize that's a GOOD thing. Yes, that means that you're going to run off some really hot, handsome, funny, attractive guys that you really want to date, but you have to accept that as the price of getting what you REALLY want, which is a real relationship. The reason guys can get away with having sex without the responsibility of a relationship is because so many girls are so desperate for attention and validation that they'll agree to a FWB (or will just let sex happen, and pretend it will eventually become a relationship somehow), when that's not what they want. Then they get hurt when it eventually becomes clear that he has no intention of EVER making their relationship official.


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