He says he wants to see me but he doesn't ask me out. Is he not sure?

He keeps saying he wants to see me but doesn't ask me out!?

After going out on a great date with this guy, he texted me on my way home and told me he had a great time but that next time he wanted to take me out on a Friday or Saturday so he could keep me out longer. The next morning he texted me and said maybe he could see me before I left on work travel. I said I'd like that. He kept texting me but never mentioned getting together again. Five days later when I was on my way out of town he texted me and said he hoped I had a safe flight and he would see me when I got back. He knew I was getting back on Friday but I didn't get a text from him on Friday or during the weekend and I didn't text him. On Monday he texted me saying good morning - are you back? I told him I was going out of town again until Wednesday. He and wrote that was signing up for a lot of volunteer work, and had something on Saturday, however, he did want to see me again. He again told me he wanted it to be on a Friday or Saturday. I said okay see you when I get back! It is Wednesday, he knows I'm back and he just writes me I hope to see you soon and I can't wait to see you but doesn't ask me out. I'm not sure why he says he wants to see me if he doesn't ask me out. Is he waiting for me to ask him or is he not sure if he wants to really see me?


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  • I don't think that he is sure.


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