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Soo, I am not the most popular girl and have recently started my senior year at a new school. A popular chick in my psychology class has been saying "Hi, Alexa!" to me, which startles me because I'm not used to it. Anyway, today in class she complimented me on my tie dye shirt and informed me that "Scotty likes it too!" an then he went on to say that he would have worn tie dye today, but his shirt was too small. The girl then said, "but then you could show off your nice abs" while looking at me instead of him. I was thoroughly conflabbergasted.


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  • High school drama. It's best if you stay away from her as much as possible, but treat her like you would anyone else when you can't stay away. She is after him, and she'll bad talk you, and make you out to be trash to try and get him away from you, but if he knows the truth, then it'll be egg on her face when it back fires. Don't worry, in many years from now, you'll see that it was all stupid games, and you can laugh about it.

    Oh and it doesn't change outside of high school. Sometimes it gets worse, and other times it's hardly noticable.

    • Alright, thanks. And it doesn't end? Joy.

    • Nope. When someone new comes to my workplace, I always say: welcome back to high school. Lol.

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  • I wouldn't trust her

    • Okay, I thought she seemed kinda fake...

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