So what's up with saudi arabia

like I would consider them modern 1st world but they have some other stuff that is messed up. like women have no rights there. they need to have a man with them when they go out & other weird stuff. but honestly, don't you think they got the part about not letting women drive, right?
  • They are a completely normal country
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  • I like some parts
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  • Im gonna act like I'm offended but really know how I feel
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  • Im offended that you think wormens can't drive
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  • Wish we had laws that keep women from driving
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  • They have it right. I bet there are a lot less car accidents there.

    • They could introduce the driver less car from Google in Saudi if women want to get behind the wheel. They will be mandatory for all women in America by 2014.

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  • Well it's their government rules. Many of them don't agree with some of these rules.

    Especially the one that doesn't allow women to drive.

    If the girl has to go out accompanied by a man,

    I can understand this that they want the girl to stay safe.

    But I don't think preventing her from driving has any meaning.

  • I'm offended at a lot more than their mere sexism. How about the fact that one of their princes is openly connected to Osama Bin Laden and the 9/11 attack? As in he funded them. Ya, and yet we haven't gone after them for that :\




    The really sick thing? Anyone else seen this sh*t reported at all over the years by ANY of the mainstream media networks? I sure haven't. Why? Because they are garbage. They are corporations that are working with other corporations and those oil corporations have told them not to report on it because it'll harm profits and ya... it's all bullsh*t.

    • more:

      Declassified documents shed light on scramble to 'hit' bin Laden : link

      Bush Told FBI To 'Back Off' Investigating bin Laden Family - BBC: link

      The Bush-bin Laden Family Connections And A Hidden Agenda: link

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    • That one is easy. Look, link

    • Yep... Saudi Arabia is pretty big on terrorism :\

  • The poll is at S-A level.

    I do NOT consider them a modern 1st world country. It's better in one or two of the Emirates, It was better in Saddam's Iraq. Egypt is a tiny bit better but I could tell you real horror stories about the local customs there. (read this: link , read it completely!)

  • For the most part that is sharia law and cultural. They most def. are not modern. I don't think they claim to be either.

    • America keeps trying to make them Western (which is why this stupid question was asked) hence the Taliban emerging.

    • It's mostly to do with oil and " my god is better than yours" mentality. lol

  • Statistically men get into more car accidents right? I don't know what you're going on about... This is why car insurance is more expensive for men..

    • Really? You though that he was being completly serious?

  • My flatmate is Saudi and I don't think they're that strict on women.

    Modern? Technically the modern era was about 50 years ago. They have new technology, and they have technophobes just like any other country, although the equity gap is more similar to a 2/3rds world country.

    Their driving is horrible - and I'm not just talking about their drifting videos. I have seen videos where people drive off the road, on footpaths and everywhere just to get out of gridlock.

    As for Saudi women, I've met about 15 Saudi guys and 0 women. One of my Saudi friends reckons the women get treated like godesses, having guys drive them everywhere, but I don't think so. On the other hand, there is a university in Riyadh for women, and women TV and pop stars in Saudi are just like American ones.

  • -.-

  • They will never ever be modern ,the world get to the top but they will always stay living in the old days.

    They will never be even the 3st world.

    In my opinion , not allowing women to drive is just a messed up mind , I mean you are not protecting women at all, it is more like degrading, I mean why do you make her depends on a man if you want to protect her?

    Lets say she doesn't have a man, then she will depend on strangers to take her anywhere she wants "taxi" , do you think that the man in the taxi won't rape her if he wants to? He has a great chance in doing that, or you think that they all are good men who will never hurt her!.?

    Women are in more danger when they are not allowed to drive. So I think protection is a sh*t of an excuse. It is not because they want to protect them, no not at all, it is just a male ego thing, In my opinion lol.

    If she doesn't depend on men in driving her everywhere, then she will be saver , no man will stop her car and jump in and rape her lol, I wonder how is it a protection?

    I do not think that men are the best drivers, the videos I see everywhere about how they drive, I think they suck at driving.

    That has nothing to do with sharia or islam, I have never heard that islam forbbidens women driving and working .

    I personally hate saudi arabia, they degrad women, I do not think they treat women good at all but their king sounds like a very good king who respect women because I have heard that he allowed women to work in shops which is great improvement.

    I like Dubai better.

  • I wouldn't mind having a guy drive me everywhere.

  • having cars and TV doesn't define you as modern. that's more of a cultural term and they are far from modern. They are where the western world was 500 years ago - the dark ages.

  • I read a statement from a Saudi Arabiam Imam who once said that if women would be allowed to drive, men would turn homosexual and women would start wearing short skirts lol.

  • Idk , but seriously some of the stuff that goes on there is an embarassment to Arab men. Makes them look terrible!


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