What are some key Indian physical features?

I am black but people always confuse me for an Indian. yesterday I was heading to lunch and this guy was checking me out when he got closer and saw my hair (my hair is natural, no chemical, no weave) he was like, wow you know I thought you were Indian. This is not the first time things like this have happened. Its worst when I straighten my hair, when I do that even Indians think I am Indian
I have copper color skin.

I am tall skinny,

my toes and fingers are long and slender and have wide spaces between them

very high cheek bones

I have no butt whatsoever

my hair line grows is a lot more than the average black person, meaning it grows to my face

My lips are dark

I have a very feminine built with very wide hips


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  • well good for you :) Where and what is the problem? Is it that you want people to recognize your ethnicity?

    Key Indian Physical Features are mixed cause Indians are mixed race especially after the Aryan Dravidian conflict, Mughal invasions, British occupancy, Portuguese occupancy etc. It's a vast country in a smaller space than other countries with a larger population only next to China, maximum religions, castes, races and creed in one country..

    But East Indian is something like what pr3ttybrOwn has described. But you cannot generalize it.

    Brown skin, wavy hair, black or brown eyes, medium height and medium build about all describes a general Indian.

    Up North people are fairer and down South they are darker.

    This may help:



    The links may help but not really to the full extent but a fair idea. A country that has gone through so many metamorphosis's very difficult to stereotype since unlike other cultures in India every culture has been imbibed into 'Indian' and doesn't have clear demarcations.

    Did what I could, hope it can help.


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  • Kinky hair afro hair cannot be confused with Indian hair.

    Perhaps he saw the length and assumed maybe you have some mixture in you (Which isn't very smart to assume).

    It sounds like people assume you are one based on the way your hair looks (mostly).

    High cheek bones can also be considered a Indian feature.

    I wish you would post a pic :)

  • East Indian, right?

    Straight, long nose

    Fairly Large round eyes

    Often have oval/long face shapes

    Darker pigment under their eyes

    Olive undertones (can be any skin tone but most of them always have olive undertones whether they're light, medium or very Dark)

    Slim builds

    • well I have the eyes

      I have the skin

      i have the built

      I have the black nose and lips lol

  • Indians from the subcontinent ethnic features vary a lot from very dark to very light skin

    Dravidians (mainly Tamils)have the darkest color skin butthere arealso Parsis or Persians and many other tonalities.

  • EVERYONE in this world is mixed. The thing is all that mixture results in different textures, skin tones and features. That's why its so hard to really tell what ethnic group people belong to in today's society

  • what you describe describes more of a Rajasthani native woman :) - I consider them WOW (personal choice)

    • let me google check it

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    • No North West, India - though South Indians are the ones that generally resemble the features you describe :)

    • ok

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