What's the best time for decisions?

I had a bit of a decision to make last night, completely did not see it coming, but found it hilarious and flattering, and of course, accepted.

But somehow, waking up today, through the morning and most of afternoon I've been seriously questioning what I decided and I'm pretty close to calling it off while I still have time.

At night I just thought of how much fun it would be, how great, all that. But now I consider the simple fact that--there are always consequences, without fail, sooner or later.

So what's the best time for decisions? Assuming your decisions are influenced by night or day, which do you go with?


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  • I reckon the best time to make decision is

    1) when you are not under pressure

    2) When you have had sufficient time to think

    3) Write the pros and cons and see which one outweighs the other

    4) When you mind isn't altered by substances

    5) Do not listen to your heart, it always leads you astray.

    6) Decide on something that will not impact negatively on you or others.


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