What's the best way to deal with regret?

Since it's impossible to turn back on time, what we can do to overcome this feeling?

How do you deal with this?


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  • Mistakes happen for a reason. If you lived without regrets, it means you're not capable of feeling anything intense - regret is PROOF of your being. It's something you never really get over as it constantly teaches you on a subconscious level. We feel regret because we want to be perfect. I have a lot of regrets I wish I could undo, but time is an illusionary pleasure.

    Reminds me of the modern Time Machine movie when the lead character kept failing to save his girlfriend. Only to realize in the end that without her death, the motivation to build a time machine wouldn't have occured and he created this paradox.

    If I had a time machine, I know I would become so obsessed with perfection that I would risk the future of Earth just for my own selfish desires.


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  • Don't have it. Regret is the most useless emotion, since you said yourself we can't go back.

    Focus your emotions on what you CAN change.

  • Regret isn't something just made up and many people live with it daily. The best thing you can do if you regret something in my eyes is find a way to accept it, it did happen and nothing you can do can change that, as you said we aren't able to turn back time. I also found its easier to overcome any kind of regret by talking to those I trust about what it is I regret, helps not think about it so much. That's just my view on it.

  • I regret some things in my life.. I'm actually dealing with that right now this very day.

    I feel like some things that happened to someone are my fault.

    I keep replaying incidences in my mind.. to actually try & remember if it was my fault.

    It is hard & I think that I could of stopped some things that have happened to someone.

    In the back of my mind I know that I couldn't of.

    The way that I am dealing with all of this is talking to God. And praying.

    Seeking Him with all of my heart.

    I told Him that if I did do anything.. that I am sorry. & I lay it at His feet & try not to pick it up again.

    I tell myself that He is enough.. His word is enough.

    I'm sorry that you are full of regret.. but God's mercies are anew each day & His grace is sufficient. His love is never ending.. it is continuous like the ocean.. it is higher than the heavens.. & deeper than the sea.. it is vast.. I cannot comprehend it. I cannot understand it. All that I know is that He is for me.. so therefore who can be against me.. He is my strength in my weakness..

    I cannot take it in.. the Love He has for me.

    Romans 8:28 ~ And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

    God bless you my dear.

    Again I am very sorry & can relate in a way.. exactly on this very day.

    • My parents and random strangers always said I should pursue a Christian girl - I'm a total Athiest. Nothing against your beliefs and I respect that, but if this is a preview on what to expect...

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    • I wouldn't date anyone religious, so we're both cool - you're very pretty by the way. I was once infatuated with a Muslim girl, but her strict R-diet meant we could only eat @ one place in central London - it's possible to hate icecream after a while. I'll only ever let myself become 2nd to career and family.

      Sorry about your sis, hope she recovers. We're no stranger to harsh times, but time will heal. My belief is we're responsible for our own heaven & hell on Earth.

    • Thank you for your compassion & having a heart.

      But.. I do pray that you will find the truth & the truth will make you free.

      Hell & heaven are not here. We are just passing through this life.. it is a tip of the pen.. which leads to the endless eternity.

      & there is a heaven & a hell. & I wouldn't wish hell on my worst enemy.

      Jesus loves you more than anyone in this world.. & He wants a divine relationship with you.

      This life will soon pass away.. but eternity is forever.. there is no end.

  • Live, learn and move on.


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