Laughed because I dropped my keys on the floor?

My friend is so annoying! She'll laugh if I bump into something, drop or spill something. She's 28 and I think it's very childish for her to laugh at something that isn't funny.


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  • I understand.

    I play racquetball. The name of the game is safety 1st. If I loose sight of someone or take my eye off the ball a second to see if my opponent is in the way 8 X's out of 10 I'll probably miss the ball.

    This one guy laughs at me. I thought about not looking to see if I'm going to run in to him but with my luck I'll run into him, he'll fall & break MY leg.

    I don't find it funny either.

    • That's more of an extreme situation. Nobody's gonna get hurt over a dropped set of keys. I'm sure her friend wouldn't laugh if she was seriously hurt.

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  • I think you're being childish by having a temper tantrum over something so small. I laugh when I drop stuff myself half the time. Nothing wrong with a little laughter, at any age! :)

    • I'm not having a temper tantrum. When I dropped them and she laughed, I just said to her, "Yeah that was really funny, not!" And then walked away.

      My great aunt also laughs at things my mom drops and then my mom tells her to stop laughing because it's not funny.

  • You are being way too sensitive. It's human nature to laugh. It's childish to be sensitive.

  • You're being too sensitive.


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