Connection Between Corporate Profits and Deficits, Thoughts?


Check this sh*t out. Correlation between our deficit/debt in the country and corporate profits. Interesting how the higher our deficit/debt gets, the more money corporations get...

Now, in fairness, correlation is not causation. So this could be a coincidence or there could be other factors involved, but it seems might suspicious.
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  • There's nothing fishy or suspicious, it's as obvious as a blue sky. State Capitalism is a form of feudalism. 99% of people are born into their station and remain there, while old money writes laws that benefit itself. This cliff was started in the 1970s when real liberals started to sell out and money was branded as speech. link

    By now they have revoked the restrictions on that 1976 ruling with Citizens United, and now "free speech" (corporate money) can be used without limit to buy politicians. This is why trillions were lost into the debt so that failed CEOs of failed banks received golden parachutes, because these financially owned the law makers that enabled it, and that's just the worst and most recent example.

    • Exactly true. The 70s is when the sh*t hit the fan. And, amusingly, the 70s is when we saw more and more baby boomers getting into executive positions of companies and government positions around local level, state level, and even federal level. Hence, my hatred for the baby boomers :|

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    • So basically you deny the system is feudalistic. All we have to do is look at the historical statistics of wealth in the last 30 years or so, and we see a strong argument that it is. Sorry, you just stating something doesn't make it true. Also, Carter was right about energy, and now we're feeling the pain of the reality he spoke of with oil speculators scamming everyone. And the only thing Romney is going to save is more taxes for himself and his ilk.

    • True not all baby boomers are bad, but I've seen more bad than good. Hell, when my brother was campaigning, I saw it very clear. The only ones of the baby boomers who, consistently at least, on average actually cared about others other than themselves were former military members (many of who fought in Vietnam).

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  • Corporations pay les than 10% taxes, and less than 20 percent of goverment revenues, although they hold most of the country's wealth now. They used to pay half the taxes and a much higher rate.

    Think that might be the cause of deficits? Think maybe so, mate.

    • Corporate tax rates can be as high as 35%

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    • Yes, that is exactly true.

      Hell, people around this country (mostly Republicans brainwashed by Fox News and other right winged "news" organizations) FAIL to realize that corporations pay so little in taxes after all the breaks and loop holes that we have one of the lowest tax rates in the world. Even by their own logic of "if taxes were higher, they'd leave our country" well clearly they aren't leaving our country (their headquarters) so obviously they AREN'T paying higher taxes than others.

    • They don't fail to realize it. They're deliberately lying to push an agenda.

  • America is a Capitalist country and you've made it very clear in your posts that you are not in favor of our economic system. The debt and deficit is caused and created by excessive spending by the government. The current President came into office with a $10 trillion dollar debt. Bush had spent just over $2 billion in two-terms. The Obama plan *or lack thereof, was to reduce the deficit in half while spending a trillion dollars per year. Now the deficit stands at $16 trillion and an Obama re-election places it at $20 trillion by 2016. That's $8 trillion in spending more than Bush in the same time period. It'd be different if we had a 5% unemployment rate *as promised, but we don't. We cannot just keep having the Federal Reserve pumping out money and taking out bonds to offset. We allow China to manipulate their own currency which takes American jobs. We import far more than we export. By lowering corporate taxes, you allow companies to hire more people. We never ran off of a Socialist corporate model in our 236 years as a country. I don't understand how it has become such an issue in recent time. I feel that the work ethic of Americans has diminished to an all-time low, while entitlement is at an all-time high.

    • lol capitalist. Good joke. The word is corporatist.

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    • "Facts" in a liberally-skewed context.

    • lol right. If that's what you wanna believe.

  • I haven't trusted our government for awhile now. All the guys at the top care about is making more money. If they can make more money while keeping the working force at the bottom of the pile, that's a big win for them.

  • Well you can make the same correlation between corporate profit bubbles in the economy before every major recession too. They are making a killing right before they need to layoff half their employees.

  • Well yeah. This is what people who don't understand economics don't get. The more the government spends the more money there is going to companies and corporations. If the US government spent within it's means that would mean a lot of companies either going bankrupt or firing a lot of people. Especially the military industry.

    Deficit and debt are two different things though. Deficit is referred to the budget deficit, which is the amount of money the government is down by in any given period. The debt is the total amount over a time period.

    Consumption+Investment+Government spending+Trade balance=GDP -> This is the basic economic equation.


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