Why does he act nervous and awkward around me? Does that mean he still cares?

So I ended things with this guy several weeks ago. For a while I just did no contact and ignored him when I saw him. He appeared bothered and attempted to talk to me even though I continued ignoring him. The other day I finally decided to text him, just casual conversation asking about their upcoming frat party. I felt like it was clear that I wasn't angry anymore, I said my friends and I were planning on coming and that I was excited. Then I saw him out last night and he acted very nervous, all awkward and unsure what to do from the moment he saw me. When he came up, he gave me this really awkward hug that I didn't quite catch in time to reciprocate and then left. I don't know what this means! My friend was there when it happened and insists that it means he cares. But if he cared, why wouldn't he have stayed and talked to me? I could understand it if he was nervous about how I would respond or afraid that I didn't want to talk to him, but how could he think that after the texting conversation we had? I just don't understand what caused him to react that way. Any thoughts?


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  • Sounds like he still has feelings for you and doesn't know how to be around you because he knows you don't feel the same way. It probably hurts him to be near you without being "with" you. Just be nice to him and give him space. He's probably not sure how to talk to you now that your not an item. How long were you together?

    • We dated for 4 months and then hooked up off and on and were friends for about 2 years. I do still have feelings for him, I thought he knew that. I told him I couldn't be around him if he didn't start treating me better and I walked when he seemed to not take me seriously. Was that text not enough to show him I wanna try again? Could he have seriously been nervous? I thought he understood and would just follow my lead for an easy way to start talking to me again. He's had space and I was nice.

    • It sounds like a simple case of miscommunication. To him it probably seems like your all good and just want to be friends. Spell it out for him in a nice way, but respect his feelings if he's ready to move on.

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