If you could get a ticket to visit any place on Earth or planet in our solar system what would it be?

There are a lot of unseen beauty in our solar system that we know of of course. There are plenty of unknown treasures beyond our solar system indeed. But if you could visit any town, city, country, planet or specific anything.. What would it be and how would if effect you positively?
Ok so you only get to pick one place to visit, you will only get one ticket.

Within our solar system or out.


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  • The farthest part of the galaxy. You know how the galaxy is continuously expanding? Well I would like to go to the spot that is right before the galaxy does it's next round of expansion.

    • I don't think there's a spot. that's a very cool idea though.. I don't think there's an end to this... Or is there?

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    • haha thanks :)

      and thanks for best answer!

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  • Well I have never been to India, China, Japan, Australia or South America...heh heh but had better go with Australia via Malaysia...can't have Sonia mad at me...(:(:(:

  • Aw, does it have to be limited to our solar system? I've heard Fomalhaut B has some really nice beaches.

    Well, if I have to stay in the solar system, probably the oceans under the ice in Europa. Maybe even Titan.

    • Well not really.. Even if its in another solar system.. You have one ticket.

    • Ah I was just joking, we don't know enough for me to pick a destination outside the solar system. Except maybe that planet that's one big diamond, I'd go there if I could bring a BBBBIIIIIIGGGGG truck with me haha.

    • Yeah I thought of this diamond planet too hehehe

  • First I take a " round tripe" ticket for our solar system

    Then I was to see the following:


    Galapicos islands

    French countryside

    Central Asia



    Hong Kong



    St. Petersburg



  • Can I go back in time too? Ancient Egypt, I would love to live in the decadence of the ancient world.

    If not then the edge of the universe...hope I can survive this trip by the way >:o

    • I would definitely go to ancient egypt and Victorian era and see Marie Antoinette..

    • :) see we think alike!

  • I'd love to be in Earth's orbit for a day or two. I actually plan on doing it at least once in my lifetime.


  • Only ONE? You're too cruel

    I'd like to visit Petra and Wadi Rum

    I'd like to visit Indian temples

    I'd like to visit Petra Borneo and Malaysia

    I'd like to visit Sri lanka

    I'd like to visit the Great Wall in China

    I'd like to follow the Silk Road through Russia and Iran to China

    I'd like to visit Saint Petersburg and Odessa

    I'd like to go up the Khyber Pass

    I'd like to follow Road 66

    I'd like to visit the Grand Canyon

    I'd like to visit Machu Pichu

    I'd like to visit the Maya monuments in Guatemala

    I'd like to hike once more on the borders of the Sahara

    I'd like to visit Washington DC

    I'd like to see and visit more people, landscapes than I'll ever be able too.. :-(

  • 1. Moon 2. 10,000 leagues under the sea 3. Amazon rain forest


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