Should I go to her apartment? Need quick answers!

Ok, so I have never been to a "party" and I'm sophomore in junior.. but I just met this girl in the elevator who said she has something going on at her apartment tonight and told me the room number.

So I'm planning on going down to it, at least to make a couple new friends in the apartment. But I'm super new to drinking at places (I drink in my own apt occasionally)... so what should I bring? Anything? I have vodka and rum. Should a little vodka in a water bottle? Or should I just go over there with nothing to talk for a while and then if things are going then I'll say I'll run back up to my room for some alcohol?

Haha such a stupid question, but I need answers in 30 min max! Thanks guys and girls :)


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  • Just go since she invited you and talk with people.

    • I had a bad question title... should I bring anything for alcohol or should I just go over with nothing?

    • Either way is fine in my opinion, I don't know what kind of party/thing she has going on but she asked you last minute so if you feel like it then do. If you don't then just go and talk to people, get to know them.

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