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I am currently looking for a new phone to buy but having trouble in choosing one. I have t-mobile and don't want to spend so much money on the new galaxy 3s, but any other phone will do. Do iphones work if I just insert my tmobile sim card? I've been using My current phone for 3 years now and its time for a upgrade. so what's a good phone? Top answer for any help. thanks :)


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  • Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm quite sure you can't swap your SIM card into an Iphone if you went that route.

    I've had an Iphone for a year and a half now and honestly, I'd say there is beginning to be better options out there. Apple has a tendency to leave things broken in exchange for trying to create all this new stuff, their software is annoying on non-Mac computers (and maybe even on Macs as well), and there is much cheaper out there that offers just the same performance and use in a phone. I'd look into some of the HTC's if I were you because Iphones aren't really worth the money or hype anymore, IMO.

    • Ahh that's good to know. What about the Android Motorola? can that work with Tmobile?

    • You should call up to a T-Mobile store to see what phones they can offer you, or switch to a different provider if you like. A good bit of phones between the different carriers are incompatible to transfer, since they use different cell technologies.

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